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Since few days, no email when there is an update in Download.

Since a week, I don't receive mail when there is an update or a new in Download. I have the option on Watch for several sub category but I don't receive anything in my mailbox.
I log out then log in, uncheck and re-check the post I want to follow but no change.
Do you have any explaination for that or any solution ? What is wrong in my method ?

Sorry for bad english, I apologize for that.
Thanks for your replies.
Drive safe.

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OK, turns out your email provider doesn't correctly generate bounces to failed addresses, so our email system doesn't stop sending to it. This has caused your provider to reject ALL messages from us and I understand that they don't respond when contacted about the issue.
Recommendation: get a new email address for your messages from us. There are lots of excellent free providers out there (one of which has a name beginning with G ;)).