Simshaker+Reckhorn Sinustec 14019 BS 250 Noise Generator

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by nobby91010, Jun 3, 2018.

  1. nobby91010


    Just sold me Gametrix KW-908 Jetseat it was good for a while but my lovely {which was comfortable!} leather mg sportster seat, was getting a pain in the ar@$$5e with the lumps in the jet seat. 20170623_144705__1528034770_83890.jpg
    so bought 2 Reckhorn Sinustec 14019 BS 250 Noise Generators @ £31 each,a SMSL SA-50 50watt per channel amp £55

    mounted one of the transducers inside the seat and hard mounted the other under the pedals.

    Running simshaker software. 20180602_221724__1528034986_10650.jpg

    you can just see the transducer under the pedals the other is inside the seat where the springs and foam etc are,at full 50watt shake its toooo much lol got the amp set at around mid volume.
    Now my seat looks and shakes the bol%%^ks off u and is comfortable again.
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