Simhub Nextion Display works well occasionally - mostly freezes

Jean-Paul Lanaux

Original poster
Jan 27, 2019
Sorry if there are duplicate posts like this, but I cannot seem to find a solution posted.

I really like thins simhub. I want to build a formula rim around this software. I am going to donate to the simhub project if I can get this figured out. I am not sure how to troubleshoot. I don't know if this is a USB issue or something else.

The display works usually when I enter the sim (iRacing). Or sometimes I have to disconnect the USB a few times and close and reopen the software. Sometimes after fiddling with this process a few times it works for an entire session of an hour or so. Other times it freezes after a minute or so. But it will pick up and change data during the session, but not be dynamic - just static.

I have tried plugging USB in different ports. I have a USB hub running from computer to simulator. I tried dedicated USB directly to motherboard USB. I verified that the USB was not near any other cabling (within reason).

I really want this to work.

Any advice where and how to solve this? Or how you may have solved this problem?


Dec 22, 2018
I have found that using a decent TTL to USB gives me a much more stable platform. I used a cheap one to begin with and had numerous issues, some of which you described. So yeah, try a different/better TTL to USB