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Misc SimHub Blancpain GT3 2019 Speed Readout 2019-04-14

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neoligisticintel submitted a new resource:

SimHub Blancpain GT3 2019 Speed Readout - The speed, gear, RPM, car type and position readout as seen in Blancpain Monza 2019

Blancpain GT3 2019 HUD Element
This HUD shows the Position, Speed (In KMPH and MPH), Gear, Braking Force, RPM and Car Type of the driver using the HUD.
This dash does have its limitations; as far as i know, there is no way through SimHub to show the name of the driver (yourself), no way to show the number of the car being driven and no way to illustrate the nationality of the driver with flags, so I have excluded the flags and nationality part and specifically added a section in the "Edit...

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