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Sim Racing Machines Fanatec F1 Carbon Rim gear shifting problem in Rfactor 2

Hi to you all. I don't know if this has been covered before so sorry for that. I have a Sim Racing Machines Fanatec F1 Carbon Rim with Asher Racing Shifters and have had no problems with it, until i just recently, i downloaded Rfactor 2. I have now noticed while driving it seem to be slipping gears either up or downshifting. If for example i am in 4th gear and shift down it will all of a sudden go into 2nd meaning sometimes a blown gearbox. Same as upshifting it will sometimes miss a gear out, example 3rd to 5th. It seems to do this at random. I dont know whats causing this issue and am wondering if anyone else is having this issue with the same rim as me. I have tried in AC, ACC and other sims but it's completely normal in other race sims, so i am at a loss as to what's causing this issue. Can anyone shed any light. As mentioned, its only happening in Rfactor 2
In the player.Json file, there is a series of lines to specify the delay before the game registers another input:

"Repeat Shifts":0,
"Repeat Shifts#":"0 = no repeat shift detection, 1 = detect and eliminate accidental repeat shifts within 100ms, 2 = 150ms, 3 = 200ms, 4 = 250ms, 5 = prevent shifting again before previous shift is completed

Change the 0 in the" Repeat Shifts" line to a number 1-5.

That should fix your problem.