Featured Sim Racing Expo 2018: In Summary

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  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
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    Sim Racing Expo 2018.JPG
    A summary of the fun and games at the ADAC Sim Racing Expo 2018.

    The 2018 ADAC Sim Racing Expo was a significant step up in both size and quality from recent years, featuring more stallholders, more activities and bigger crowds than ever before – 2018 was a great showcase of our ever growing hobby.

    The 2018 edition of the Sim Racing Expo was something of a new experience for RaceDepartment too. Having sounded out the event with a small group of people in 2017, we decided to make this year a little bit bigger and better, opening up invitations to a small group of community members as a precursor to potentially facilitating much larger gatherings at events throughout the world in future months and years.

    Frankly, and if we do say so ourselves, I think it safe to announce that the event from our perspective ran pretty much perfectly. Our community members stayed safe, had fun and shared an awesome experience with fellow likeminded individuals – which is frankly what something like this is all about.

    Sim Expo 2018 - The Crew.JPG

    Although we only had three days in Germany to soak up all the action, a surprisingly short amount of time when you consider everything we wanted to do, I do believe we absolutely managed to maximise our time and enjoyment levels throughout the weekend. Often back at the “RD Party Palace” the festivities would end in much consumption of German beer, more than once resulting in a few of us hardy souls slinking off to our bedrooms around the 3am mark…(although I'm pretty sure a certain Mr. @Daiman Patel had a power nap on Sunday night / Monday morning half way through our conversation...)

    Sim Expo 2018 RD Party Palace.JPG

    To meet so many new people, some with whom I’ve spoken with online, and some who are completely new to me, was one of the greatest highlights of an exceptionally enjoyable weekend We had people from all over the world in attendance in our party that weekend – Norway, Belgium, Russia, France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Portugal, South Africa and the UK all represented as we got stuck in together and enjoyed our short but eventful trip into sim racing paradise (sorry if I've missed off any nationalities..)

    So what were the highlights in my opinion? I'll be honest here, so much happened that I'll probably write a second summary article later on...

    As a bit of a treat for our attendees that weekend, we arranged a very special evening meal with some of the biggest developers in Sim Racing today. Pretty much taking over the lovely bar across from the entrance to the Nürburgring, we sat down for some food and drink with representatives from three of the most prominent simulation development teams currently active – Marco Massarutto and Davide Brivio of Kunos Simulazione, Marcel Offermans and Christopher Elliot of Studio 397 and Renato Simione of Reiza Studios.

    Sim Expo 2018 - Dev Dinner.jpg

    All five of these extremely sought after guys took time out of their busy schedules to drink and eat with us, chat to our members and field all of our questions and more. We got plenty of interesting stuff from the guys, and plenty of amusing and entertaining stories too... but as the saying goes, what happens on tour, stays on tour... sorry!

    It was honestly something of a privilege and honour to get up close with the people behind our favourite sims, and to really get to hear of genuine ‘behind the scenes’ stories from sim racing development. I really enjoyed that, and the reaction of the people in our group was wonderful to see, I honestly think the devs enjoyed the lunch as much as we “fans” did, getting to mix with the most important people of all – the customers.

    Other highlights for me would be have to be having the opportunity to try my hand at some seriously impressive pieces of sim racing hardware. From fully professional motion rigs to the latest Direct Drive wheel technology, Sim Racing Expo 2018 had some great equipment on offer to try and ask questions about. New for this year would be the freshly announced Heusinkveld Sim Pedals Sprint, a significant step up in technology from the original design and probably one of the most impressive pieces of tech I tried at the expo. Watch out for a video and interview about that coming to our YouTube channel very soon…

    Sim Expo 2018 Sim Pedals Sprint.JPG

    Another big highlight for me would be seeing the crowd reaction first hand when Studio 397 announced a brand new laserscanned version of the Nürburgring Nordschlife is under development for rFactor 2. Fresh off the back of the three historic F1 McLaren cars announcement, S397 really did hit it out of the park this time, confirming one of the most iconic and sought after tracks in sim racing will be coming to rFactor 2 in the future – although development is still pretty young so don’t expect anything in the next few weeks...!

    Sim Racing Expo 2018 rF2 Announcement.JPG

    Having time to spend talking to developers and hardware manufacturers is one of the best things about the Expo for me, you can often get a piece of time with some of the main players within the industry and hear plenty of stories and little bits of exciting news and rumours. Re-establishing contact with old acquaintances, meeting new people, saying hi to the passing crowd of sim racers who recognise you from RD and just want to say hello, trying our new tech and marvelling at how Sim Racing continues to grow. These are the highlights for me, each and every year.

    Oh and of course we did at thing round that old, massive, silly track on the back of the Expo... but more about that another time....

    Sim Racing Expo 2018 Taxi Lap.jpg

    We had an exceptionally busy couple of days, recording plenty of content for our YouTube channel and various social media pages. We worked non-stop for 8 hours on Saturday, just grabbing the occasional sugary drink to keep us going, and hopefully you will all enjoy the results of that hard work as the videos filter onto our YouTube page in the coming days and weeks.

    On that note I want to personally thank @Davy Vandevenne and @Paul Glover, both of whom decided to pass on the fun and get knuckled down to some serious work. Without those two, we would not really have much to show you in the days ahead... thank you guys!

    Sim Expo 2018 - Hardware.jpg

    I also want to thank RD, Bram, Marco and our epic community. It was a pleasure and a privilege to meet you all and share a brilliant weekend of real and virtual motorsports.

    Sim Racing is AWESOME people.

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    Do you fancy joining us at the Expo next timer? Would you like to see more RD "road trip" events in future? Did you go to the Expo yourself this year? Let us know in the comments section below!
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  2. Paul Glover

    Paul Glover
    RaceDepartment Social Media Manager Staff Premium

    What a great weekend!
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  3. Jordan Dion

    Jordan Dion
    Bluestar Racing Premium

    WOW !

    Big thumb up from Canada!:thumbsup:

    Really appreciate your website, reviews, mods..:)

    I will continue to refer people to your website!

    Hope someday, I can go to this expo whit you guys!:rolleyes:
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  4. J0K3R1983


    Absolutley! It was an honor to meet all of you guys and to have such an fantastic weekend!
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  5. tr1v1um


    Flensburger ... very good choice :D
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  6. muzikant


    Thanks Paul!! Nice to read this :thumbsup:
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  7. FeltHat


  8. Bonehead


    Thank you for the report sir.
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  9. Chris

    Administrator Staff Premium

    So damn cool! Amazing work by all involved, someday I'll have the money to come join you!
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  10. Alex Townsend

    Alex Townsend
    test Premium

    Thanks for all this top quality content. It actually comes across as an awesome advert for SIM racing, the community and the event.

    Can't imagine many people here not wanting to go to the next event!

    Maybe one day when I'm back in Europe I'll try and organise out trip back to the UK to get myself over to the expo.

    Work, play and good times. Kinda what RD is about. :thumbsup:
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  11. Daiman Patel

    Daiman Patel
    rFactor 2 Technical Assistant Staff Premium

    As @Paul Glover has said, it was a fantastic weekend! And I can't wait to do it all again next year… and this time I will try to get myself on that grid before the Blancpain race. :laugh: I have been flicking through the pictures, and appear to have missed out! :redface:

    That I did, and a much needed power nap I must say! :roflmao: Don't get me wrong, the company was great and the conversation was very interesting, but after waking up at what would effectively have been 4am for that "thing round that old, massive, silly track on the back of the Expo" I was knackered! :whistling: After the amount of work that you guys put in over the weekend I'm surprised that you weren't nodding off as well! :p
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  12. MarcG


    Yes most definitely, I used to go to the big London Gaming shows on a regular basis back in the 1990s so a dedicated Sim racing Expo would be great...alongside the German Beer of course!
  13. Richard Hessels

    Richard Hessels

    Sim Racing = AWESOME people (most of them) ;)
  14. shimon.ifraimov


    wow those pedals look really nice!
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  15. ColinMac


    What a great weekend I and we all had. I still grin like a dafty when I think about it.

    I've made new friends, had a blast, all in such amazing scenery and backdrops I cannot recommend it highly enough. If you have the opportunity, do take it next time ! - I know I will !

    Thanks to the RD crew who put a lot of time and effort into the trip, it was splendid !
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  16. Steinar Pladsen

    Steinar Pladsen
    CEO, Prosim.no Premium

    Great weekend, thanx again! Next year, i guess i'll keep the medisine in my pocket - just in case ... PS: Norway were there as well (!?) - or i maybee an international non-EU (****) member then :) Nice to see the pic of all you crazy _astards! I better print it out and keep on my office :)
    - Hope i see you again. LOVE (!?). JP thank you for sharing the bed with me. See you Darling....
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  17. Juwe


    OMG! Paul wrote "Holland"... It's the Netherlands :) Most dutch people i know would complain about this. They told me Holland is just a province in the Netherlands... Sorry, I just tried to write something smart... :D
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  18. Stephen O'Sullivan

    Stephen O'Sullivan

    I'd have given your article a beer but I fear it would be superfluous... :whistling:
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  19. Frank Lehmann

    Frank Lehmann
    ... usually known as Ernie Premium

    Yes it was a fantastic weekend, guys.:thumbsup:

    I fully understand the AC Competizione-Hype;), but i'd like to mention, that it is spelled "Kunos Simulazioni" and "Renato Simioni". :geek:
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  20. Toonces


    Is that, "Sim Racing is AWESOME, people," or "Sim Racing is AWESOME>people"?
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