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Sell Sim Garage Cleanup (Montreal/Canada)

Michael Dao

Mar 14, 2008
I have a few items which is unused that I would like to move as soon as possible. If anyone have a GS-4 in Canada, and willing to part with, I'm open to exchange + $$$

I'm located now in Montreal,Canada, local pickup is preferred


Got this one in October and use it as interim till the DD wheel got here, get all the box and accessory. Did not use much because of the wait for DD wheel.

2. Fanatec Universal Hub $200US (SHIPPED CAN/USA)

This is used with the CSW V2 base, same timeframe. I did play with the angle of the small paddle shifter.

3. Fanatec Universal Hub $225US (SHIPPED CAN/USA)

This has not been used, just mount to a 270mm wheel, which I never use it.

4. Fanatec CSP V2 Pedal + Buggy shock $225US (SHIPPED CAN/USA)

This has been unboxed not used, initially the plan is to use with the CSW V2 on the Xbox One, but the DD wheel change the plan.

5. Astro A50 Headset + Adapter for PC $175US (SHIPPED CAN/USA)

Used for 4 month, it can be use on PS3/PS4 (After Firmware Update which is done) /XB1 or PC with a dongle

6. Steelseries H9 Headset $99 (SHIPPED CAN/USA)

Use it for 1 week, did not try much beyond that

7. Human Racing GT Chassis Only + Fanatec CSP Pedal Adapter Open to Offers (LOCAL PICKUP)

PM me for details

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