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Should I ditch Triple monitor for VR club/tournament racing??

Mark Breslin

Ok guy's, after 3yrs, and a very 'bitter divorce', moving house etc. I've setup my rig again, but for VR only as I only used it a month prior to the problems. (Nothing to do with the VR .... I think!!)
My question is... having spent most of my time previously with AMS, I got excited over AMS2 . However it seems there is little interest in club/tournament racing AND setting up the HUD (so I have tyre/fuel, telemetry etc at the bottom of the screen to ease on creating a setup) is not possible. Either that, or I have little patience in finding a solution!!!
So do you guys recommend any sims that are good for multiplayer using VR, or should I make a little more space and go Triples again using the sims and knowledge I already know?????
Thanks for your insight and opinions in advance!!
If you're using VR on AMS2 then install HUD Position Mod (VR)
It moves the HUD away from you so it is not so 'in your face' but at dashboard sort of distance.
You can rearrange the position of all the elements and how much detail they give you, or turn them off in the HUD options
The new update to AMS2 has made me change from AC to AMS2 as my go to sim.
Still little online competition though. I hope that changes as more people migrate to the best VR sim for track cars.