EU Short-Track Sunday - BMW E90 WTCC @ Lime Rock - Sun 11 April 2021

I got booted in the change over to race two qualy. I had to restart rf2 to get back in but was alone on the grid at the start. The joys of the rf2...see you next week. I think I'll leave the VR for the races, as it another layer of bother.

Joakim Skalstad

this was not the race i wanted :/

First race in the opening lap i ended in the wall after the jump and damaged the steering..
this ment the car would randomly go in different directions on its own will..

In the second race i was unlucky and tapped the back of an other car into T2..
Being the fair racer i try to be i pulled over and waited for him to rejoin..
Unfortunatly this ment i was over half a lap behind the others and thats when the motivation dropped..

Hope the next one goes better ;)
That was fun guys, and it proved for myself that the second 0,5l beer before race 2 made me a bit more consistent... Win-Win for myself...

Jokes aside, was great fun with all of you... Will try to be tgere on Sundays a bit more often...

Michael Rudolf

Thanks for the race guys, was good fun driving this car on this track, absolute blast. Besides a fastet lap of the Race 2 (if I saw it right) I couldn't get anything right yet again. Countless mistakes and spins.
Guess flying @Ole Marius Myrvold was my hightlight today. Hoping for better times.
guys hope the race was good i couldnt join the homepage kept kicking me out and updating and such!

nice to see cars flying :D!

wish u all the best!
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