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Cars Shifter Kart 0.05

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DavidMassieux submitted a new resource:

Shifter Kart - 125cc 6speed Shifter Kart

Vasilis and Bobskype have been working on making a 125cc Shifter Kart for AC. The mesh is very early in it's stages, but Bobsype's been working on the physics quite a bit. The suspension is solid, since in real life these don't even have suspensions. So all of the tuning has been put into the tires.


I've been helping Bobskype pushing the physics more, it is still in early stages, and will be updated now and then as often as we can.
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Just had a chance to drive It for an hour or so, great fun! I did notice a couple of issues though. First, it feels like the car is floating, it's very hard to keep it driving in a straight line even when I'm off the power might be something with the aero settings in the physics but it feels very strange. The previous version did not behave like this (or if it did it certainly was not this noticeable). Second, When I'm on the track and stopped with the breaks engaged the car continues to crawl forward, even if it's in neutral. I'm driving with a manual gearbox so not sure if that has anything to do with it but again the I don't remember the previous version behaving like this.

thanks for taking this project on, look forward to future developments.


I breathe a lot. I guess i just really like air.
Have this mod since a few weeks.
is this the same build or an update to it?
Mine was version 0.00005 or something :D (thats how it was called)

Graphically not that impressive, but early early versio of it, so it was ok for me. The physics were decent and ok for the moment.

Good to see it "official" on a site and not "hidden" in the web anymore
Please continue this project! Gokarts is really what AC is missing! I love the idea of having karts and some day perhaps kart-tracks in AC!
Hi DavidMassieux love ya work bro nice to drive ,fun to race but the only thing that gets me is in Final gear ratio i can only get 162 out of it and it said 209 (48/10) and if i switch to the other final gear ratio ,i can only get 148 out of it and i should get 176 (57/20) is there any way you can fix this please, love the karts