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Shifter Kart 0.05

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Vasilis and Bobskype have been working on making a 125cc Shifter Kart for AC. The mesh is very early in it's stages, but Bobsype's been working on the physics quite a bit. The suspension is solid, since in real life these don't even have suspensions. So all of the tuning has been put into the tires.


I've been helping Bobskype pushing the physics more, it is still in early stages, and will be updated now and then as often as we can.
It now uses a 6speed paddle shifter gearbox (thanks to mclarenf1papa) without autoblip.

I'd personally advise running drift tracks with it, its a huge fun on those narrow winding tracks :D
(be sure to check if the grip isn't 1.0 in surface.ini of the track you'll choose)

v0.05 : tire model updated, suspension updated, paddle shifter.

Credit :
3d - Vasilis
Physics : Bobskype and myself, with some help from Mclarenf1papa.

Latest reviews

Its terrible, undriveable, and buggy. Unless I am missing something the car WILL NOT go straight, and wont turn without spinning on a dime. Even when you are totally off the gas the car will just do a standing burnout for 2 minutes until it finally settles down. Maybe its to do with it being outdated, but currently it's broken as all hell and 100% undriveable.
I love it!
Needs a long way to go. 2 for effort.
Love this little thing. Needs the bodybork so skins can be made... Thanks to all involved. Will give 5stars when bodywork is present. Love it on Baskerville
Lets see what happens.... waiting... BTW, very funny to drive it..
please finish
This is really a Neat little kart and A Lot of FUN. Can't wait til it is completely done. =) Thanks.
Something we needed. Just need some physics improvement, on board view and the body work to be at the top.

Have just experience with no gear karts so don't know if that awesome speed it gets is right or excesive, but too funny to drive!
drives great, cant wait see some fiberglass bodys on them.
this is what Assetto Corsa is missing a 6 pseed kart great work full credit
like the first edition of this kart

had to adjust onboard settings to get a steering wheel visible in cockpitview
and the physics need improvement
but quite fun to race through Monaco or other small tracks
yay ;) great idea
Thanks - reacts very fast and precise. Can't tell if its real but I like it so far :)
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