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Setups And driving styles...

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Anthony Ishak, Nov 13, 2010.

  1. Anthony Ishak

    Anthony Ishak

    Hi everyone ,

    I thought to start this thread and share with you some interesting information I have related to the setup thread that we started early this year, hopefully these information will help most of us in the forum to choose the right setup that suit the right driving style for each one of us.
    I would like to highlight some information related mainly to the setups that have been posted regularly in the forum and were reworked and combined by Nico, Reik, Peter, Joe, Anthony I, and mark. Example / Monaco Nico,Anthony,Reik Qualy / etc…

    I am sure that it might get a bit confusing and hard to determine what setup to choose when let’s say Nico, Reik, Peter, Joe, Anthony I, and mark post their setups at the same time in the forum, especially if a person does not have enough time to try them all out to decide which one to go for that suits best his driving style..Therefore I have spent some times studying these setups and I came up with this result hopefully it will help all of us in the league to benefit from all the posted setups so they do not go wasted.

    Based on the way Nico, Reik, Peter, Joe, Anthony Ishak and mark created their setups I have created 3 different driving categories to help everyone to see in which category he find himself, then it will be easy for him to pick up the right setup in the right category and this way a person will spend less time jumping from setup to setup and will focus mainly on the right one from the start…

    The 3 categories are:

    1- Smooth driving.
    2- Neutral driving.
    3- Aggressive driving.
    It does not make you faster if you belong to one category than the other, but it is just the way you drive, Hamilton is aggressive driver, Jenson button is smooth driver, and both are world champions…

    1- Smooth driving: I believe Nico and Peter belong to this category, they create smooth setup, easy to drive and they tend to go mainly for softer suspension, softer springs, and lower antiroll bar , smoother gear ratio etc… the car feels more relaxed and more forgiven when doing mistakes. with soft suspension setup you need to be a smooth driver to be able to squeeze out the speed, the car rolls more , it has more grip but slower response especially when turning on high speed ‘S ‘ turns like the s turns of suzuka, therefore you need to be gentle on the car when braking , accelerating , shifting and steering to get the best out of it and if you are a smooth driver you will find this car sexy to drive and setup from Peter and Nico will be your priority to try first , but if you are an aggressive driver better to try something else , as with your driving you will put the car under stress and soon you will find this car behaving like “ grand ma” , you won’t feel comfortable with the car rolling from side to side and you will lose lots of time trying to correct the racing lane…

    2- Neutral driving: I believe Joe and Mark belong to this category, they create nice setup that is mixed between soft and stiff, the car is really nice to drive, has a good response with some softness and it suits both categories but sometimes you feel like if something is still missing and you feel like you need to do couple of clicks to make it stiffer or couple of clicks to make it softer depending on the way you drive, Joe prefer higher down force for more stable car while Mark prefer lower down force and more challenging car. Every time I send my setup to Mark he send it back to me slightly softer and when I send my setup to Joe he complains that it is a bit stiff and needs more wings, anyhow I believe setups from Joe and Mark would be a great if you are in between, and a good base to adjust for more aggressive driving or smoother driving.

    3- Aggressive driving: I believe Anthony and Reik belong to this category, they both create stiffer setup compared to the rest, stiffer springs and higher antiroll bar, more caster etc.. stiffer car provide much better response than a softer car but the grip will be compromised, it suits aggressive driving because the car can handle the stress of the late braking and quick turning, you will find stiff car handle perfectly fast turns like the 's' turn at suzuka etc.., , stiffer car is hard to drive with fast responce and perfect handling and you need to push the car to its limit to squeeze a good time out of it but you really need to be so accurate as the car is always nervous and less forgiven. An aggressive driver will enjoy driving a car that quickly respond to his driving style but smooth driver will find a stiff car very hard to drive and feel like if this car is behaving like a " *&^%$&* " and does not want to corporate with him .. I will give an example of a stiff and a soft car setup, last race at interlagos I was driving in wet condition with 4/24 wings 110 rear springs and 55 rear antiroll bar, while another setup for another driver was 25/ 27 wings, 85 rear springs and 20 rear antiroll bar .. Big difference but everyone was happy with the way the car was handling…
    If you feel you have an aggressive driving style you better start first with setup from Anthony and Reik and then move on to other setups..

    What I mentioned here is my personal opiniom and i might be right or wrong on some points but honestly at least I tried to do something to see how we can improve the racing pleasure and remove the frustration and the difficulty that most of us still struggling to adapt the right setup and I would like to invite all of the guys here in the league to share their opinions and add their experience and hopefully we keep improving the racing standard :)

  2. Graham Healey

    Graham Healey

    Nice post Anthony.
  3. Georgios Davakos

    Georgios Davakos

    Nice port Anthony and you are Correct on the driving styles.
  4. Brendan Crosby

    Brendan Crosby

    very good post
  5. Eliezer Bartik

    Eliezer Bartik


  6. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran Premium

    NICE Anthony its a really good help for understand something around jungle of set up:)
  7. Vincenzo Cavaliere

    Vincenzo Cavaliere

    Nice Post, very interesting..

    Thanks Anthony
  8. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran


    I smile when I read that I fall into the agressive driving style category, I must have misunderstood everything:D I really like your Q setups:cool:

    Thanks Anthony.
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