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Hi, I bought rF a while ago, but the steering was awful, I have a t500rs and have no idea how to get decent settings for it and havent been able to find anything. Also if anyone can give tips how to get triple screens looking better, it looks completely distorted at the moment. Any tips on getting the max out of graphics would be nice too. I immediately gave up on the games due to these problems but would like to have it setup nicely like some of the youtube vids I see and get to enjoy some of the cool mods people have put out. Thank you!
Appreciate your help man!

I'll try them out now, only thing is I can't figure out what to do with the profile?

Edit: I got it working! thanks! Only problem there is no force feedback at all :S and what should I have my rotation at??

Edit 2: It seems when I set everything up with the profile, the FFB works the first time but all messed up, doesn't feel right. Its like it wants to pull in certain directions. Then when I exit and change some settings I come back and there is no FFB at all, need to restart game every time but just can't get it working right.

Forever grateful whoever can help me get good/working FFB! :)
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Hi , If using rfconfig to set AA use maximum Level5 setting as Level6 and higher disable AA.

Set Anistropic filtering "Nvidia" to 16x to have long smooth edges.

Set a button to reset ffb using rfactors Control/Setting/Assignment.

Most nice looking youtube videos where probably edited in Sony Vegas or similar...not my videos though:whistling: