Setup for 1973 Porsche RSR SVRA Group 6


Oct 22, 2010
Finally, one setup (good for 10 laps at Road America) for Mac Ten's amazing SVRA Porsche 911 Group 6, an up- and back-dated 1973 RSR fine-tuned for vintage racing, with a 334-hp, twin-plug engine, coil-over suspension and a 915/08 5-speed. (Gr. 6 is the modern-day equivalent of the old SCCA A & B Production classes.) If feels closer to the 911 that I drove to second place in the U2 Trans-Am race at Lime Rock in 1967 (you can look it up) than any sim I have ever driven. Hard to find (clue: look up Mac Ten on Facebook), but definitely worth the effort - I wish he'd post it here on RD.


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