Sector and laps problem.

Sector / laps count problem.

I'm currently working on v2.0 of my Canberra 400 track.. (below is the update list of what you will see in version 2.0)..

One problem I have and not sure if this is an easy fix or what the problem is, but basically when you go out in Practice (and it could be in quals and warm ups also, either offline or online) I have noticed an extra 2 laps get added to your laps when you hit Esc after the 2nd sector (this could happen after 1st sector, haven't tried).. So basically, without doing a single full lap, I go out, get to the 2nd sector press Esc, instead of reading 1 lap it says I did 3..

Any ideas ??

v2.0 list said:
############### VERSION 2.0 ###############

Bias settings on walls, fences and street signs to -2.

Added the cement road models into the road models, now gives shadows over those cement parts of the track.

Smoothed out the cement / road model in corner 11 due to the one model fix.

Changed the Grass models to grass, previous some models were roada.

Adjusted the fueluse reading, now should show correctly in Garage litre per lap.

Added Canberra 400 painted road graphic to turn 12 (roundabout).

Added bump and spec gfx to grass, rockwall, cement models and street signs.

Added the Hyatt Hotel to the back straight where it wasn't there in previous versions. Thanks to Flashqld for this model.

Added flashing red and white light, also shadow to the chopper so when the chopper passes over the track, buildings, fixtures etc the shadow will move over these objects adding some more realism.

Added camera flashs seen on some tracks to add more realism.

Added crowd sounds to the crowd models so during Pract, Quals, Warm up and Race you will hear crowds cheering where the crowds are.

Added MOTY 2009 trophy image to the loading screen.

Added an alternate loading screen without the V8 Supercars pics, for those who wished for an alternate.
An update for those reading this but haven't had a solution...

It would seem the Lap count increases as soon as I leave the pit area onto pit lane (along this pit lane area)..

Anyone can test this with the current release of Canberra, basically as soon as you exit onto the pit path (turning right onto the pit path) and somewhere along here, early on and before you even exit the pits, is where the number of laps will increase by 2..

I have tried the BTB version of the AIW (without the pit area, (cars starting in pit lane) and it has the same issue, so it's something either model related or a certain point.

My xpit and xfinish are no where near this section of the pit lane so I am lost as to what is causing this lap count issue.. No times get registered, just an increase of laps 'completed'
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