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  1. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
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    have fun guys;)
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  2. Blauweke

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    Quali: P7, a time of 1:45, a second better than my pb, great :)
    Race 1: i spun like 5 times, second to last place, huge flatspot from the second lap on, horrible
    Race 2 : i had won a place in the opening lap, but on lap 2, i had a look down the inside of melichar into turn 7 and 8, he left room, wich was nice, but spun in the middle of the two corners, causing me to have to take evasive action and lose control and crash into a barrier. from here on my steering was offset and i was in second to last place, and when anton whizzed me by, i decided to call it day.
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  3. Kyran Parkin

    Kyran Parkin
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    Q: No time set.
    Got binned out of GPV on lap 1 so I decided to come have some fun. :cool:

    Sprint: 10th :confused:
    Flatspots, dread and flatspots. I figured out where I had handling issues and sort of learned the track. Basically I won as much as possible without actually winning.

    Feature: 6th :thumbsup:
    Now armed with setup tweaks (Thanks April! :x3:) I was just about ready. Got a decent launch, avoided any T1 carnage (a la GPV) and got going. Got collected by someone going off at the start of S3, I forget who exactly and lost a heap of time and got more flatspots. My wheel was like a jackhammer so I had to bail for tyres a bit earlier than planned. Got the fresh boots and started getting more and more confident, worked my way up to P6 which I shall gladly take considering I wasn't even supposed to be here! Oh and I'm back for Suzuka 100%, hopefully armed with an optimistic attitude and actual practice under my belt. See you then. :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
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  4. Martin Bulgin

    Martin Bulgin

    I finished 3rd in Race 1 which is the first podium I have had in a long while and I thought I was on for a podium in race 2 but for some great driving from April and Cosimo who did the whole race on one set of tyres, I found it hard on two sets and would have some vibrations setting in after a few laps due to a flat spot here and there so I cant imagine doing 28 laps, so well done guys, i'm happy with 4th.
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  5. Cosimo


    Missed it by a minute or so. rF2 thought it had to sync the workshop files, and that took way longer than expected.
    Race 1
    Started 12th or so. Managed to stay out of trouble, but a couple of off-track excursions and spins made me lose time and 3-4 positions with it. Sprint race has never been my forte.
    Race 2
    Hell yea :) Started 11th, 12th or so and got on the podium in the end. 3rd, what a fantastic result for me! Here I did my best, consistent lapping without mistakes. That was just enough to get 3rd behind April. It was curious towards the end. I was between April and Martin at around 9s from April and 9s ahead of Martin. As the last 20 minutes of the race unfolded, I got closer to April, but Martin got closer to me as well :)
    Given that I hadn't stopped for tyres, the very last 7-8 laps were a bit on the edge, so I made a couple of minor mistakes, which costed me 3-4s. On the finish line, Martin had just 1s left to catch me. If we had had another lap, I bet he would have :)

    Great racing! Thanks all.
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  6. Sami Pesari

    Sami Pesari

    pfffffffffffffft my computers power suply died 10 minutes before qualifying didnt even have to time to show my insane 1.40.0 pace
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