Season 9 Race 1 Hungary Race Report

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Valerio Vinassa, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    too hard drive for me this evening:(.
    Start from 22place and after 1st lap Im in 17th but in lap 3 Alfonso spin in T1 avoid him frame rate issue lost 5 place continue my race but saw that many steering oscillations on straight and framerate I thought leave the race but continued hoping wished for better in lap 17 again frame problem lost car and damages go in pit for repair when jump out again problem and I risked ruining the race Anthony so decided jump out before do a carnage:)

    Congratulations all finishers ;)

    PS I tried at home every race with 25cars on track also for tested my PC and some frame issue was visible but only some dont know why this evening nothing is going well maybe some general reinstall will be better
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  2. Kennett Ylitalo

    Kennett Ylitalo

    Oh.. ffs... Selected wrong pit preset.. I had a heavy start with softs to no fuel super-softs. I did my math and noticed that i couldn't do 2 stops, had to go 3 with short stint somewhere. First stop is ideal and it was... Super-softs took me to the next stop on 12th place and then major brainfart... Selected the same strategy, not enough fuel for full speed lap, that all would've destroyed me. i don't know know if i should've quitted but the realization was a bit too much, took my too many seconds to decide what to do. Peter was pressuring me really hard fighting for position, it was really nice fight but i really didn't have time to see what i was selecting and then automatically pressing "confirm" after the line... And i'm pretty confident that my strategy would've paid at least 14th ' place, first stop was timed perfectly, leaders lapped me and i could keep up with pack.. Just right there, in the middle.. Ready to sneak past unsuspecting comrades :ninja:

    Road was slippery today, much more than i anticipated. My long stint times with mediums were poor and they didn't last long enough to justify the timeloss. But i'm happy at the pace and confidence on track, i was holding 1:14 target the whole time and could keep it there for really long periods of time.

    EDIT: 80% of the laps within 1second margin, that i'm proud of. EDIT2: BS, but still steady.
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  3. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran Premium

    qualifying - 5th place, not happy with that, about a second away from normal superpole times, too many mistakes.

    race - DNF

    started well, upto 3rd and side by side with tim into t1, i wouldve had the inside line for t2 but tim wasnt giving up and i felt couldve let slightly more room but i suppose it was a legal manouver to show me the wider line, anyhoo we touched and i ended up on the grass and lost 3rd to sean into t2, from there i was comfotably on the leaders pace right behind sean should he make a mistake, on lap 5 just coming across the start finish line my wheel suddenly started calibrating, the car veered left and throttle went to 100% straight on into the wall, absolutly gutted about it, its never happened before, i had the pace to challenge for the win here but it wasnt to be, hopefully my bad luck is over in the first race.

    good race all
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  4. Nicolai Nicholson

    Nicolai Nicholson

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  5. Peter Marshall

    Peter Marshall

    Congratulations Reik, Sean and Tim.:thumbsup:

    Q 20th. I half spun it in the little chicane on exit. DoH! :)

    R 10th: After the little shamozzle at the start, everything went well. Lots of action battling with Kurt, Alfonso, Henrik, Anthony just to name a few. Special appreciation to Kurt for allowing me to pass around the outside of Turn 3. That was a bit cheeky of me but fun :)

    I reverted to the "old ways" to allow Reik, Tim and Sean to lap me; all within a few corners in sectors 2-3. I hope that was predictable for you guys even though I hopped off the racing line.:cautious: Looked like a great battle for you lads.

    A little confusion for me toward the end of the race with a bump into Eliezer [sorry mate] after a track [re]entry for him and then a pass on a stricken Mclaren [Victor] . I felt for you both having been so close to home when something(s) must have gone awry.

    Great to be back! Enjoyed every moment of it. Thank you all for the racing. :thumbsup:

    C.U. in a week. A weather forecast for Spa perhaps? Edit: Yes there is. :)
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  6. Victor Ivanov

    Victor Ivanov

    So a small review of my race. I was 7th at the start with pretty poor lap in Q but safety first! After a few laps I found myself in 5th right after Dino who couldn't escape. We were going withing under a second pretty much in a league of our own but then I almost lost the car, he made some gap and kept it. So after the first stop I was 5th again with good 8-9 seconds gap to 6th place but I couldn't catch Dino who was already around 9 in front. I kept the place after 2nd stop but this time Marko and Nico were in some 2-3 or even less secodns behind me. I had no problems to keep 5th cause on this track it's too hard to overtake. Then we caught Alfonso who didn't let me past him after the chicane but right in the middle of the next corner he suddenly almost stopped on the racing line. I bumped him cause I just couldn't stop or react and went into the gravel. I lost 5th place and got suspenssion damage but the car was handling pretty well. I was matching Nico's times and the gap of 4 seconds was constant. 3-4 laps later something happened. The car just didn't want to steer anymore and I lost it at the start of S3 and had another susp damage. With 6 laps to go I decided I'd finish like that, it couldn't be so bad. Well it was. At the moment I was running 5th I was 30 seconds behind Sean. After my second damage he lapped me twice and even Nico and Marko did this. So 11th is not a bad result but I'm unhappy I lost a great 5th place.

    PS: I did 2 stops with 50 L of fuel each but I did the wrong tyre strategy. I was so afraid of mistakes in my first race here so I was playing it safe - med, med, med even if I knew that I could make it on softs. I wonder how you guys burn so much fuel. With 150 L total fuel on board I finished the race with 11 L!
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  7. Kennett Ylitalo

    Kennett Ylitalo

  8. Alfonso Clarke

    Alfonso Clarke

    ok heres my race report Q was nobad got a 1,12.064 no where near my PB but ok then i got a Good start made 3 place's then first corner anthony spun or gets hit then i hit him nico hits me :( sos nico no fault of mine, lap1 sos kenneth for wee touch :( then lap17 i was trying to move over for jonas & u took wrong side :( sos if my fault, pit lap18 for my first schedule stint then my race fell apart for a bit, to much spinning due to hitting rubber on corners:( & a few incidents which was due to damage on my car & which am sorry for to those that where involed, then from lap26 things started to look better :) then lap37 pit for second schedule pit, then in my last stint to the end of the race i unlapped myself against eliezer batik on lap43 then the same with vitor ivanov while behide jonas then after me & victor touched (u could of give me more room to avoid touch) i unlap myself against jonas :D finnished 16th after a shaky start i was chuffed with my finnish :D even with 10points too for 16th :D Grats to podiums too:thumbsup: Cya's all at Spa oooOO maybe with rain :p its gonna be intresting race in the rain.:giggle:
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  9. Nicolas Rouge

    Nicolas Rouge

    Q 12th
    Thanks to Anthony I could train qual when waiting for him, before the real event, so my time was correct, but I'm not very fast on this track.

    R 9th
    The first stint was the harder part for me, with Marko in front of me and Chirlie behind, and I made no mistakes until lap 14. After that nothing much happened, except some distant battles with Eliezer. I made a terrible mistake after T1 in lap 43 and got suspension damage, but decided to stay on track because I would have lost some positions. My pace was then about 1 second slower, and I feared that Eliezer could catch and pass me, but he had some troubles a few lap later so I could finish the race easily, in 10th position, until I saw that Victor had serious trouble also and let me pass, giving me the 9th place.

    Cu at Spa
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  10. Chirlie Williams

    Chirlie Williams

    Q 9th not my best time but was happy enough

    Race started great and all was going to plan untill seans 2nd pit stop hehe , i was coming down main straight for a few extra laps as was on med tyres so could stay out alittle longer but sean came out pits as i was turning into T1 and we both touched but nothin to bad and we both drove off :redface:
    all in all was a smooth race and ended up finnishing 8th which i am very pleased about :thumbsup:.

    PS love the new stream and commentator just hearing my sunday name is just plain weird lol cyas all at spa guys GR
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  11. Nicolai Nicholson

    Nicolai Nicholson

    Qualify (13th): It was not a very good q lap from me, 1:11,3 was at least half a second slower than expected. But it was due to a mistake I did. It gave me 13th.

    Race (6th) (60 liters medium- 41 liters medium - 41 liters medium): I started at the left side of track and stayed on the outside into t1 but was suddenly hit from the inside I think. I went off track and received susp damage, although the damage didn't seem very significant.

    I was now on 19th and managed to pass Kennett a lap later or so. I think this was the only time I passed a car on my own, all the other passes was in the pits or that they went off track ahead of me.

    In the last stint I was chasing Marko for 5th but was not able to get close enough to even try a pass, ended the race on the lead lap(!), without any mistakes, in the slip stram of Marko.

    EDIT: From my pov it is obvious that some drivers need to lift their game to continue in the league. I have not seen the replay, but my feeling was that there was things that needs to be improved.

    Congratulations to Reik, Sean and Tim, and also to all finsihers.
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  12. Anthony Ishak

    Anthony Ishak

    sorry guys for keeping you waiting so long and thank a lot for allowing me to be with you today :)..

    it was a very stressful morning like a marathon run to join the server.....

    setting the wrong day for the alarm to start as it should be thursday for me and not wednesday , waking up like crazy on the sound of Tims message ( thanks Tim), running to start the computer, loading steam, steam updating :mad:, loading game, cant find any password in my inbox, Tim sending the password, entering the server, finding myself hanging in the air , exiting , re-entering, reading through 20 different messages to understand what is going on and what to do , downloading file, deleting old file ,unzipping, copy paste, loading game, entering server , strait to my favorite superpole :poop:, slotting 15th on the grid .. that was abit too much on my lazy morning brain without cafein boost :)..

    i was back to 22nd after that incident at T1, then i had some nice battle with Peter, Kurt and Valter, my race pace was very very slow ( i will get back to this later to see what is the story ) , then i had that incident with Vale on lap 19 or so, after that i forgot to pit on lap 36 as i was busy fixing the pit menu and i missed the entry, few turns later i run out of fuel...that was a lot of fun..

    Grats Reik , Sean and Tim ..and all finishers..

    hopefully better luck at Spa..
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  13. Dino Paolini

    Dino Paolini

    A very enjoyable first Race for me on Presto GP. It went even smoother than I could hope for :)

    Q: Somehow I did a nice superpole lap. 7 tenths off my pb, is for me a much better superpole lap than I usually have. Even moreso considering that I had many guys closly behind me and the top 3 far in front :) This meant that my usual loss of a position at the start was no problem since I would still be in a great postion.

    R: Start was nice, just lost the one position to David who was much faster anyway.
    I was very fortunate to drive my own race for the entire time. The only thing that was varying was the guy that followed me and also the gaps to them. My middle stint was a bit slow for some reason, with hardly any 1.12 laps. I'm not quite sure why, as I had taken the same tires for every stint (a mix of Softs and Mediums).

    The by far most difficult time was following Anthony when trying to lap him for a couple of laps. Loosing most of my gap to Victor and after I passed him I actually pushed like crazy for a period of around 3 laps with pretty worn tires until I reached my window for the second stop. I wasn't really thinking about how dangerous it is to push with worn tires, but somehow it went well^^

    Big thanks to Tim who posted his setup 1 day before the event (It had more wing). I tried that out of curiousity and realized that it added more safety into my driving for the race-stint and also for qualyfing. I was maybe a tad slower with it, but it felt safe at all times, unlike what I used in the practice-race.

    q: 4th / r: 4th

    Even 1 position better than theoreticaly possible, due to David's unfortunate technical issue.
    Cu all next time :)
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  14. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    P10. Much better than I expected.

    A mess from the start. Had a good time after the first lap thanks to being able to catch up with some guys and race them. I got LC in pits on lap 30. I had to go in after a spin that took my front wing. My plan was to take on board enough fuel to go the distance.

    Thanks Nicolai for your never ending struggle to make the best out of a varying material. Thx to Daniel, Jonas, Kennett, RD, MMG, Gunthar and all pilotes. The TV crue was fantastic, I watched the rerun. To bad Scott had no live timing.

    I look forward to Spa and a bit of moisture:)
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  15. Bob Miley

    Bob Miley

    Qualifying: P11 smooth and much better than expected after the practice race.

    Race: P7 (ultrashock) Got a nice steady start and stayed wide on T1, spent the first few laps bedding in and avoiding a few mishaps then got into a lovely groove that was safe and consistent. Pitstop went well, not the fastest but steady and hit my box both times.
    Knew after the practice races that staying on track and out of trouble would make a good finishing position and almost pulled it off with just 1 off track episode, when I decided to stay off track and give way to 2 drivers (may have been Chirlie and Nico) and re-gather myself.

    Really enjoyed this first race and thanks for all the help from everyone.

    Looking forward to a long and enjoyable season.

    Congratulations to Reik , Sean and Tim
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  16. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Q: 2nd Pretty good lap under a tenth slower than Reik, i was happy.

    Race: 2nd I got a pretty bad start and would have lost place to David and Tim t1 but got back past David with contact with Tim. It then was pretty steady 1st stint Reik and Tim pulled away slightly and towards end of stints i would close back again slighty only to come out from my poor pits further back again lol.
    A few times we were running close when lapping guys and everyone done pretty good to work with us letting us through quickly consideing how difficult this track is.:thumbsup:
    Exit of 2nd pit i could have stayed tighter unsure where other car waswe had contact sos Chirlie.
    To the last stint i knew Tim had pitted earlier and my best chance if any would come towards end of stint so tried to stay with Tim till last 10 laps and try to push. I noticed Tim had pretty big contact lapping kurt i think, so seen him struggle slightly after this. Lap 48 i got good run on straight and slipstream managed to be close enough t1 to get just on his side and then switched to inside t2 to make the pass. I never felt contact in race so thought pass was perfectly clean, in replay i do see we touch sos and np Tim.

    Really good race i liked it alot, Grats to Reik Tim and finishers Hope for more racing at Spa :)
    Also comentator deserves medal for little info he had and such a difficult track to pass for action.
    Thanks to Rd Nico and Jonus for making it happen:thumbsup:
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  17. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Hi guys, sounds like you all had fun:)

    This "stream" that people have mentioned, is there any way I can watch it, or is it off line now?


    Edit: I think I've found it in the info thread:)
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  18. Marko Vuori

    Marko Vuori

    Grats to Reik, Sean and Tim, and all those who finished the race.

    I was really anxious to start a new season well at Hungaroring, even though I did not quite practice the circuit as much as I should have. Great to see so many participants in the league and surely we´ll have a great season ahead of us. Competition already seems to be a bit more tough.

    Qualifying: 1:10.8 (8th).
    Mild disappointment. In addition, there was a slight cut in my qualifying lap in the last chicane, two tyres on the curb all the time, but not on the tarmac marked by the white lines.

    Race: 5th.
    I used Reik´s setup with 2 stop tactics as follows:

    1st stint: Medium compound, 75 litres of fuel
    2nd stint: Soft compound, 41 litres of fuel
    3rd stint: Soft compound, 41 litres of fuel

    I got a good start and I climbed 7th, but dropped to 8th before the second corner when Vincenzo managed to re-overtake me. After that the gap to Vincenzo driving in front of me started to grow steadily. On the other hand, Chirlie was pressuring me from behind, until he pitted on lap 18. On lap 20, I was suddenly leading the race, because drivers in front of me had already made their first stop. My first stop on lap 22 dropped me to 6th. I had pretty lonely second stint, not seeing any competitors in front or behind. When I got out of the box after my second pit stop, Victor just managed to defend his 5th place. I continued to pressure him until on lap 41 unfortunate lapping incident saw Victor drop behind, and I inherited 5th place. At the end of my third and last stint Nicolai was closing up and I just concentrated on saving my tyres and keeping up sufficient speed to win this fight. Especially at the end of the stint Nicolai seemed to be quicker, but I managed to finish just ahead of him.

    Conclusion: Good, incident-free race, but I need more raw speed in the coming races. More practice time should solve my problems.

    Thanks to Presto GP, RaceDepartment, Günthar Rowe for MMG F1 Mod, SimBin for Race07, Nicolai and all the competitors for a good race! See you at Spa!
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  19. Vincenzo Cavaliere

    Vincenzo Cavaliere

    Hello guys!:)

    Congratulation to Reik one more time!, Sean and Tim for the podium, and all those who finished the race.

    Q. 6 I think very well
    R. DNF lap 18

    My race start well, on the middle of the race scaling up to 4 place, at 18 lap I'm preparing for my first stint, when try call "pits request" make a incredible and ridiculous mistake, wrong bottom, click on "ignition engine" the engine off and the car stop,:( nothing to do.

    Apologies to everyone for not participate more here "write threads", really I am very busy all the time I have a lot of activities, also my poor English..
    Every race I do my best for not involve in race incident, I had special racing moment with some guys similar pace, those who enjoyed nice race, very clean and avoid contact as possible, Thanks Guys!

    Thanks! to Reik I use your setups, very very comfortable.. :thumbsup:

    Was a pleasing surprise when I knew that we are on TV, thanks! :laugh: To
    I remember when I started racing simulation 2001 EA sport F1, I said to my wife " someday we will be in TV " dream came true!

    Welcome! new guys! Good Luck! for everyone
    See you today at Spa

    Bravo!! PRESTO GP
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  20. Vincenzo Cavaliere

    Vincenzo Cavaliere

    same post two times, :cool: