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Season 5 Race 6 Interlagos: Post Race

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Peter Marshall, Nov 10, 2010.

  1. Peter Marshall

    Peter Marshall

    Congrats to the podium [Reik, Tim and Janek] and all who survived.:)

    Q 19th:
    I struggled to find pace on the drying track.

    R: DNF :(
    Sadly, I was damaged at the start [no problem :) ]. I also mistakenly choose the Inters.
    I never had any pace or confidence and eventually binned it on the penultamate corner. All my fault as I was fumbling with the pit presets and stalled the engine whislt looking for the track to re-enter.

    Thank you all and I hope you enjoyed the race. :)
    Nico, you are a legend for giving up your place on the grid.
  2. Frans van der Linden

    Frans van der Linden
    Sim Racing Holland Premium

    Hi all

    Here a copy of my PM to race director it also is ment for all you other guys!

    TS 1094:(Lap 12 or so)
    after i made a spin i saw on map that some one was coming and i tried to get away in time but he ended up behind me, first i thought he would pass me on left side, so i went wider to the right, but Tim McIver also took the out side. so he ended up in the grass. im not sure if we made contact. even the replay can not exactly tell.

    ExtraEdit: Tim i hope so i did not ruin your race.... Sorry again mate, but it will never happen again!!!! read rest :)

    After that i went a side for all that came and i was already lapped 2 times by leader(s),
    with out driving everybody in the way. our even worse to take some out of his race i decide to escape the race and let it be.......

    Evendo i had fun the last weeks driving this cars i can only make 1 conclusion
    i'm not capable enough to drive this league,

    Also im not able to drive last 2 races
    Wed 01st of Dec - Hockenheim
    Wed 15th of Dec - Valencia Street

    Because i will be in Thailand for my holiday..... ;-)

    So i will redraw myself from this League Of Extraordinairy man ! ! !

    Sorry for all the fuzz and keep up the good work, because PrestoGP is the way it always should be.

    Best regards

    Frans Linden

  3. Werner Van Aswegen

    Werner Van Aswegen

    Congrats to the survivors and more so to the podium places.

    Q: Somewhere at the back (I beat Valerio by a hundreth of a second - hehehe)

    R: My car was a little faster than slow but I kept loosing it into the slow corners where the rear continually insisted in overtaking the front. After the hundreth loss of control I escaped to the pits. I was going to ruin someones race sooner or later and had almost done so twice before then. It sucks.

    With that said I think it's time to hang up my helmet here. I just can't find the time and enthusiasm to keep up anymore and now that we have become one big division I stand the chance of ruining it for someone who really has put in the time and effort. My heart just isn't in it any more...

    I'ts been a great two years at Presto and it has been an honour to race with you all. Valerio, you were my carrot. Just a pity this donkey had knock knees :) To Anthony and Joe who were my engineers, thanks for your help. I would have been even worse were it not for your setups.

    Nico, thanks for all your hard work and sacrifice. I honestly don't know how you do it but I have great respect and appreciation for what you've done. It is a big responsibility that you have freely taken upon yourself so that we all may enjoy our selves at no cost other than respect and dicipline.

    I'm sure I'll be back racing at some point and when that happens I'll come back here first. But for now though, I bid you all adieu.

    PS: Sorry for hijacking this thread a bit... as you were ;)
  4. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Congrats to the podium and all who raced.

    Q: 10th
    Better than expected.

    Race: DNF
    Had a slow start and was passed by many fast ones.
    On lap 2, I think, I got a suspension damage, and thought it was best to change from inters to medium. My own fault cause I had the brakes on 100%.
    I went in to the pit and unfortunately my controller had some error that made it impossible to do the stop.
    So they rolled the HHF1 in to the garage.

    Thanks Nicolai for the unselfishness, to bad it was waisted on me.

    Thanks all for the race.

    CU guys
  5. Vincenzo Cavaliere

    Vincenzo Cavaliere


    Congrats! to the podium guys :rolleyes:

    Well, my computer and video card working very good tonight.. but something happened.. a couples minutes after start the race, only 2 laps my tires going up to hi temp. 140c , Way the tire change automatically before race :confused:

    See u at AbuDhabi
  6. Peter Marshall

    Peter Marshall

    It has been a pleasure racing with you Frans. Thx.

    And thank you too werner. Likewise it has been a pleasure mate.
  7. Nicolas Rouge

    Nicolas Rouge

    Q 15th
    Was far from my PB, reaching only a high 1'08.

    R 12th
    At least I chose the right tires at the start but I made too much mistakes and had to pit 3 times (2 for repairs), and finished 4 laps down. Sorry Coen for the light touch (ts226), I probably made the wrong decision avoiding Cor. Thanks to the rare guys I lapped, and thanks Cor to have supported me in your mirrors and letting me unlap you.

    A big thanks to Nicolai for his dedication in this league. CU in Abu Dhabi.
  8. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran Premium

    first of all SORRY:frown: Peter I hit you at start ( and wait you) but sure not my intention some type of lag, you are in front at 7/8 meters and suddenly was in your back this is what happened on my PC.
    and again SORRY to Anthony Ishak(lap22) I let pass you and after I saw you stopped on my left I decided to pass you on your right but big crash post to snap for better understand.

    View attachment 31260 View attachment 31259

    Werner Im not Bugs Bunny Im Willie the Coyote :D back soon MATE carrots go bad:tongue:
    Frans up with the life we running only for one beer and stay together. I run from 5 season result: take ooonly:) 3 sec from best drivers sure I improved my time but always 3 sec.are:D

    Q back 19th neither my PB

    Race 9th not bad for me finish the Race gained 1 Stop and Go always on this track:) and some strange lag I did a nice overtaking in T1 at lap4 (maybe) and after i tried to catch who was in front of me but the D1 is another world and someone is in another universe,do you know someone Reik?:D along the Race no mistake and let pass the Champions:tongue: for 3 time (read Frans:)) step by step finished in 9th

    CU at Abu Dhabi the place with the tarmac at 200°C. ahahahahah

    Thanks Nico for event It was a nice gesture and sacrifice :good:
  9. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Well this thread is a sad place to be:frown: It's a shame to see people hang up their boots but I guess it's just the way sometimes

    @ Werner and Frans, it's been a pleasure racing with you guys, I hope life treats you well in the future, take care, @ Werner, I'll continue to be amused by your FB updates most days:)

    my race:

    Q, not good, well back

    R, got a good start and then spun into T4 when i thought there was a chance I might hit the car in front I kinda panicked a bit and took to the gravel to be safe, dropped down to P22:frown:

    Thereafter I just went for it lap after lap, got up to P5 at the finish so well chuffed with that:)

    Grats to the podium and all others that took part, and especially Nico who gave up his spot on the grid to allow another driver the opportunity to race, YOU ARE A LEGEND M8

  10. Peter Marshall

    Peter Marshall

    @Valerio, thank you for apology. I know well that it was unintentional m8 :) No problem at all. :)
  11. Anthony Ishak

    Anthony Ishak

    Q: 5

    R : DNF

    I started on soft , I was side by side with janek at turn 1 &2 , but then when Janek passed me his rear wheel clipped my front wing and that sent him into a spin, i am sorry about that m8, i believe i left plenty of room for you there, i was fully on the curb to make sure we have room for both of us there but looking at the replay i think your racing line was a bit tight there , I might be at wrong so my apology ...:)

    i had very good pace and my race was looking very good , i was running 2nd at one stage before i made that mistake and back to 3rd , then on lap 22 when I just lapped Valerio something strange happened to my computer , I think the electronic of the steering disconnected from the computer for a couple of seconds or something like that & I lost the throttle and the car just died and stopped in front of "Willie the Coyote ":D we had a big contact, that send his car in the air and my car on the grass with dead engine, i tried to fire up the engine again but no response..DNF... I am really sorry about that " MR coyote " it was totally out of my control, happy for you finishing ninth J ..

    It really sucks when your race ends like that...but we have to keep the motivation up..

    * Werner, we your engineer but you were the “Adrian Newy " of Presto and it has been pleasure racing with you and Franz :)

    Congratulation Reik and Podium, I am happy to see u on podium Janek after all what you have been through..Nice job M8..

    Thanks to all the guys I lapped, you were very helpful .. :)

    i believe the star of this race is the man behind this superb league" Mr Nico", i could feel your burning desire to be with us on the grid , the guys kept tempting you with their spots but you opted to step aside and carried the responsibility of your decision so the rest of us could enjoy this event ...huge respect m8 :)...

    Edit: special thanks to the weather man , I really enjoyed the weather combination today , maybe a desert storm at Abu dhabi ?:) Great job Daniel :) :)

    cya all next week desert race..
  12. Graham Healey

    Graham Healey

    @Frans and Werner sorry to see you go, but I can well understand. I am finding division 1 tough too, but I will stick it out. Division 2 already helped me to be faster and I hope Division 1 will inspire me to find another second or two somewhere.

    My race was generally ok - I made it to the finish 11th.

    I judged the weather correctly and started on Medium tyres. The real start was thankfully better than the test start when I came around turn 2 and found nowhere to go and got pounded. I started from the back having failed miserably to improve my qually time from 1.10.7 in spite of one lap with -0.3 in sector 1.

    I spent the first laps picking off the guys on the side of the road and I was up to 11 the when Per spun in front of me and I had to go wide off the track returning in 16th.

    I was up to 9th at the stop. I pulled up the pit menu on the in lap to check that it was set to the right tyres and yes Medium were selected. Unfortunately I left the menu up and when I got to the pits the "Request Pit In" did not change to "Confirm". The pit arrow was up so I went to my spot but the crew would not start the pitstop. After about 10 seconds I moved off and did another lap. So that cost me about 40 seconds, but only cost me one place at the finish.

    After the stop I came out in 15th. I had a nice fight with Kurt, and some nice racing with the faster guys that caught me up along the way.

    I was lapped numerous times but I found it was ok. I hope people lapping found I was behaving OK. There was once I let Janek past on the outside up the main straight and David followed, which was fine, but I was a bit out of place for David, and didnt give as much room as I should - sorry. Thank you Nico for the instructions about lapping and being lapped.

    Twice my screen froze and went black. I hit the brakes and luckily was still alive and undamaged when the game came up again. I dont think I spoilt anything for anyone. The one time Kurt repassed me it didnt seem to affect him. I hope I can find out what caused it. Got another graphic card on order so maybe that will help.

    Big grats to Reik who was in a class of his own last night!

    Thanks for the racing everyone.
  13. Graham Healey

    Graham Healey

  14. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Werner and Frans, It is sad that you decide to leave the league. I hope that you make your comeback here:)
  15. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran Premium

    Peter & Anthony THANKS guys:)
  16. Mark Sørensen

    Mark Sørensen

    Qual 2:
    it was probably what I have expected reik was very fast.

    Race / DNF

    My start was not the best, the last few races, so just hope to keep my place in the field. it enabled me to come in behind reik,
    Beginning decided I take it quietly, just look reik race pace.
    After a few laps I'd will attack him.
    But after a few laps, I was kicked out of the race(diconet), it was not exactly what I had hoped.
    Hoping for a good fight with reik, but this should be another good time.

    Had just put up 2 screens up, maybe not put it right up, but the game had lag on my computer, so it was very difficult to run. but it should be no excuse.
    But there were no others who had lag ..?

    Gz to Reik, Tim and my good frind Janek, nice to see u back in the top: =)

    Want to thank all those who are behind this League
    Nicole Nicholson you do a good job

    Thx to all for share there setup, Especially my boss Anthony Ishak: =)

    Mark Sørensen
  17. Nicolai Nicholson

    Nicolai Nicholson

  18. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran Premium


    I have a little lag at start when hit Peter and when I hit Anthony( look snap in pag1) and maybe when David hit me in lap23 my PC was set on low with graphic but in true this time the lag was not so serious as other times:).This time we were in 25 drivers and after all goes well the server and connection:wink:

    PS I gladly share what said Jim YOU ARE A LEGEND Nico:doublethumb:
  19. Eliezer Bartik

    Eliezer Bartik

    Hello all
    Greats to POD flying guys :)
    R :8
    First my apologies to Peter for sending him to wall, I tried pass him when seems that he choose a line then suddenly he become unstable I hit him slightly from behind that was enough to sending him to grass on last turn and ending his race
    Sorry Ganek for cause u to spin ...was a bit late on brake when lots of traffic around
    my race pace was pretty good with mediums and felt good with car, waiting on incidents and two spins cost me lots of time.
    Got some nice battles with some of u, which was good racing there.
    Strange issue with Joe (again my friend :) ...seems we must have something on evry race :) )
    After t3 seems that his pace decrease dramatically I was stick to left curve so tried pass there, I think Joe tried open right side and move to left...there we had contact I hit the wall and I got suspension damage
    Thanks to all creators of prestogp league and supporters ...big respect to u guys
    CU all on track
  20. Janek Grabowski

    Janek Grabowski

    Hi ,

    I qualified 4th. I was in 3rd place for quiet a long time but Tim has beaten my lap in last minute, grrr. :)

    The race was very exciting for me. A desaster happened in turn 2 already where Anthony send me somewhere i didn´t want to go. I almost saw myself on the hook of a forklift but i could resume the race. I received a minor broken suspension but the car was still driveable.

    So no worries Anthony ! :) Maybe i should have left more room for you but you also could have eased off a little. Anyway i don,t care because i´m happy with 3rd place.
    Too bad your wheel went crazy... otherwise you could have been on the podium :(

    The rest of the race i was busy to catch up. I was fighting against David for 3rd so i had no time to relax.It was quiet tough because he had the same pace. He did mistakes , i did mistakes so we swapped p3 for a couple of times. I also had a freeze (again) which send me behind him. Anyway nice fight David !

    I had a moment in lap 2 where Eliezer shove me off the track. No worries Eliezer , nothing happened. :)
    I also had a moment with Valerio in lap 36 where i shove him off the track when i was about to lap him. Sorry Valerio but you slowed down on the racing line right before that fast turn so i couldnt avoid you :(

    See you next time !
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