Season 4 Race 6 Barcelona

Laps: 46

Weather: More details soon, but it has not rained at f1 in Barcelona since 95 I think, so chances for rain in this race will be slim.

More to come
The temps will be 20 degrees as they are on the servers. There will be a 10% chance of a shower (70% "heavyness" - means not too heavy) starting 40 minutes into the race.

Jim Hawley

PrestoGP Veteran
Crikey:eek: the race is tomorrow! I thought it was next week, I've done sooo little practice.... I'm gonna be well last:frown:


Coen Mulder

Hi guys,

Cor van der Burg in division 2 will not participate tonight.
He is in hospital for emergency hart problems. He is ok for now but bloodpressure is not stabile. But he is a strong guy so he will make it.

For your notice!

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