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  1. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
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    good race at all:thumbsup:
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  2. Hedlund


    Didn't manage to replicate those really quick laps I did towards the end of practice. But really happy with 1:12.6 and third on the grid, after all the grippy side of the track :thumbsup: And I'm happy with a 1 sec improvement from last year with exactly same setup - even though I have barely raced since then :thumbsup:

    RACE 1
    Got a good start but managed to place my car on the big yellow curb on the outside of T1, so my wheels lost contact with the road and I lost speed. I don't think anyone crashed into me but maybe someone crashed when avoiding my slow car - sorry about that. After that I was running 6 or 7 something. Had a battle with some guys before finally reaching 4th place with a big gap to Tom Lambaerts in 3rd. I pushed like an animal and made quite a few mistakes but managed to close the gap the very last laps, but it wasn't enough. 4th place it was.

    RACE 2
    Started from the back. I had a great battle with David throughout this race. After a couple of laps we were running 3rd and 4th but catched Tom and I watched them battle. They both spun in T2 and I couldn't avoid them, I gently crashed into them both but I think that was lucky for David because he was facing the wrong direction but I accidently turned him around again with a gentle push. That way we both got past Tom and after a while we were suddenly 1st and 2nd - I think Artyom pitted early (?) and he was running 3rd. I was chasing David and sometimes I had DRS.. but on lap 15-16 something I spun in the exit of T3 and decided to pit earlier. After a few laps David pitted and he was 8-10 seconds ahead of me. Artyom was in between us but on old tires so I was catching him, but didn't need to overtake because he spun in the same corner as I did earlier. After that I was trying my best to put David under pressure and I think I was quite successful. I got DRS on the very last lap but it wasn't enough. Grats David, good race! 2nd place not too bad :cool:

    Overall I'm happy with my comeback :) This is only my second online race this year so my constistency is not great but the speed is still there. Had lots of fun, thanks for hosting :thumbsup:
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  3. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Quali: my PB, good:)
    Race 1 Beautiful race 10 laps in chase with Johannes and a nice defense on Artyom, Until I resisted:D that's a pity the disconnection Johannes was very fun the battle :thumbsup:.

    Race 2 As I described in incindents report after lap3 my race was recovered the huge gap front me I drove, better I tried:rolleyes: a gently drive for save the tires, recovered some place from last place and a bit of laps before pit I meet Anton nice chase and now Im no more alone on track but when i pitted at end of lap19 FL, Anton a lap after, tires was on 2% just before the rim:D after pit nothing is changed until end race, anyhow after pit the tires wear was much better let me 3% of rubber :roflmao:

    Congrats all guys c u at next;)
    and always Hurray for PrestoGP:thumbsup:
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  4. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
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    Qualifying - 2nd :)

    Happy with that, from practise it looked like Rikard would run away with it but it was Martin who put in a great lap to take pole.

    Race 1 - 2nd :)

    Again happy to take 2nd place in this race, Martin was so near but so far at times. I had DRS a number of times but his corner exits were good enough that DRS was fairly useless, I didnt get any attack attempts in. The one time I did get close enough into turn 1 I hit the yellow kerb in the inside and it caused me to have a good wiggle and that was the chance lost. Grats to Martin for a very nice consistant win.

    Race 2 - 1st :)

    A great race coming from the back of the grid, had some small touches with other people but all in all it was fairly clean stuff. The race unfolded at the pits really, Artyom and Rikard pitted a few laps before me, I waited until lap 20 and went in for mine, when I exited I still had the same 4 second gap to Artyom but very soon he dropped back and I had 8 seconds to Rikard, I felt really comfortable in the lead until @Stuart Hendry decided to knock and open my front door (I race literally a metre behind my front door) and I jumped out of my skin, I quickly said "Racing, go in livingroom I'll be 10 mins" lol and tried to get my head back in the zone but I'd completely lost concentration and the gap started to fall big time. Rikard had been catching me before this but in those last 3-4 laps I was shaking trying to hold out and get to the end. I think at the line there was a 1 second gap between us, maybe one more lap and Rikard may have taken the win but thankfully for me I managed to get it together on that last lap and bring it home in 1st place :)

    Grats all finishers and podium places in each race, they were a hell of a lot of fun tonight, the lower numbers didnt detract from the racing and it was really exciting up front.

    See you all at Canada, the championship is hotting up :)
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    Q: P1
    Great :D
    Expected not pole after the "pre-quali" :p
    In one out-lap I think I destroyed a hotlap of David,
    because I spinned around in T2 in front of him, sry.
    I hope this was no pole lab.

    R1: P1
    I pushed hard at the beginning to get David out of the DRS window.
    But finally he was in ... around in the middle of the race :thumbsup:
    So I had to push even harder ... :geek:
    This was for me a quite exiting battle :)
    Really happy with this win :)

    R2: crash
    There was much going on ... finally ...
    ... I lost the car in T1 around 17min before finish,
    crashed into barrier and lost the front wing.
    After the half of the race I had almost every
    lap a microsleep on the start-finish straigth :sleep:
    In this lap I think I woked up a litte too late
    rigth in front of the corner :D

    Really looking forward to V1.6 of the car :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
    Hope to see more people next time :)

    Grats podiums :thumbsup:
    Thx to all organizers :thumbsup:
    Happy to see you back so fast David :)
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