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  1. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran Premium

    with this race we meet the real F1 season but I prefer our qualifications:D
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  2. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran Premium

    qualifying - 1st :)

    PB by quite a bit with the well rubbered in track, happy with that.

    race - 1st :)

    Very happy to win this and get a full distance under my belt with no major mistakes, its usually my downfall with unforced errors and tonight it came togther a bit better, my starts on the other hand are terrible :D

    passed by martin and artyom at t1 i had a go down the inside of martin for p2 at t3, we had a small bump but i think i was up the inside enough to claim it as my corner, anyhoo onwards in p2 dropping back from artyom as at this point my pace wasnt great (first attempt here with full fuel outside of practise starts) artyom made a mistake around lap 10? and i managed to pass and from there i stayed until the end, my consistancy much improved this time around.

    grats artyom and tim for the other podium places, grats all finishers for the high finish rate with the turn out we had.

    see you all at bahrain :)
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  3. Sharjeel

    Being 2nd is to be the 1st of the ones who lose. Premium

    Happier but not fully satisfied with my performance tonight. I think I had the pace to keep close to Mark and Vale, but my low attention span forced me to take a look on race gaps every 10 seconds and this usually is my undoing. So after a damaged front left 10 laps in, I managed to repeat the same mistake half way through the race, but this time the front right. During both of my pit stops I decided to not repair and this was probably a good decision. However, going for two pit stops not so much, as I did the best lap of my race with front left deg somewhere in high 30s. A better race overall and hoping for at least some fight in the next one.
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  4. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran Premium

    This evevning all is gone right,i did my pb in Quali,never happen:),front me, i was started from back you know:D, a bit of cars out of line/track in first laps so easy position gain then Sharjeel really near to me, for a lot of laps him put big pressure on me with 2 or 3 overtake attempt nice driving but then I lost him perhaps a mistake so until pit i run alone.In exit pit after 3 or 4 laps i meet Mark and again battles,we were really good, strong pace and a no errors. Only chance for me to defend against attacks was no errors ,I was already imagining the final lap in a battle but just 2laps before the end I saw him spin:( anyhow mate great race.

    Congratulations David Artyom Tim and all us:thumbsup:
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  5. Stenne


    Well, to summarize

    Still way out of pace. Too many mistakes and a couple of them put some of you into trouble. (see incident report). I'm still unsure if I'm really up for league racing at this level so please let me know if you think that I'm too far off in pace and skill.

    However, although slowly, I feel that I'm constantly improving through yesterdays practice and today's session. I also found more pace in some corners towards the end of the race and I took the car to the finish line.

    This all tells me I need to practice more. So, ahead of next race I'll put in much more practice hours and see how it goes.

    I forgot to say that I think it's great fun :) Thanks all :thumbsup:
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  6. Nicolas Rouge

    Nicolas Rouge

    Enjoyable race for me, still too much mistakes but pace and setup were OK. I fought with James at the beginning and it was great fun :thumbsup:. Then it was with Tim, we had almost same pace but he made less mistakes than me, and got the podium secured at the end, even if I was flying in the last laps.

    I can't make it next race, but I'll be back for China!
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  7. Mark Breslin

    Mark Breslin

    Well, that was.......errr.......interesting.!!??:O_o:
    For 78 of the 80 min race drove without force feedback with my wheel.!! It let go entering a corner causing me to spin.! From then on it was about learning to drive the track all over again. 2 further spins before the half way mark saw me finally get the hang of it.:whistling:
    Did consider giving up, but finally having someone to race, after pit stop in the shape of @Valerio Vinassa spurned me on.;)
    Hats off to him, as lap after lap with only a cars length between us he kept it tight with precise driving.:thumbsup: trying to judge the amount of understeer it was causing without 'ff' was a nightmare, and was finally my undoing with 2 laps left.
    Grts to podium AND all finisher's.:)
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    Q: P3
    Reached my PB not at all.
    But also with my PB David and Artyom where out of reach :thumbsup:

    Start was perfect.
    Improved one position and overtook David,
    who showed me who`s the boss in T3 :D
    So back to P3.

    After some mistakes I lost many position and ruined my tyres.
    Finaly, in lap 10, after my last fault,
    I stuck in the barrier with my FL wheel
    A kind of bug or whatever :confused:
    Any escape attempt remained unsuccessful :(

    Like some others, I`m ultra busy the last weeks.
    I`m allready showing some wear and tear.
    Like also in the last race my power of concentration dropped down
    after warmup, qualifying, teststarts, warumup, start, ...
    Hoping for some spare time to be competitive again :rolleyes:

    Grats to podium :thumbsup:
    Thx PrestoGP team :thumbsup:
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