Season 13 Race 9/10 SPA - RACE REPORT

Bob Miley

Sep 14, 2008
Another one to forget. Changeable weather not my most enjoyable. Was doing ok, struggling a bit, but happy as could handle the conditions and was getting faster. Pit in for more slicks and it was like an ice rink. Total waste of time. Such a bad start and end to the season. Not a good one from my point of view. Lack of telemetry is a real handicap.

David Turnbull

PrestoGP Veteran
Sep 17, 2009
qualifying - 1st :)

it had to end with a pole :) pole all season, happy with that and the lap itself, nailed it at just the right time.

race - 2nd :)

started so so and lost out to reik, wasnt long until i was ahead though and fairly comfortable, then just as i was settled i spun at eau rouge, 8 seconds lost and an uphill battle, had some great racing with nic rouge, vince and jim until i made another mistake and spun again, more time lost and had to repass the same guys again, great fun though, lost too much time with 2 spins then the fights so the win wasnt on from there, happy to take 2nd at the end, reik was just too far ahead and the more i pushed the more small mistakes i made.

grats reik for a good win, grats everyone who raced and farewell race07, its been a great run and ill most likely have the odd club race with it in future, nothing stopping us from having fun races with various tracks and mods with r07 into the future still but i cant wait for the new dawn of presto :)

cya all soon.

Nicolas Rouge

Jan 12, 2009
Q 6th I think, with a PB
R 3th
Podium!! Great racing with Jim, Vincenzo & David. I was slower in the dry, too much wings to overtake in the straights, but my secret weapon was with wet conditions, where my setup was perfect. The first stint was a 10 laps battle with very great racing, then the rain came and after my first stop I was alone on the track. Last stint it was hard to tell if changing to slicks would be better, but I was already in 3rd spot with ~20sec advantage to Jim so there was no real threat. Happy to finish on the podium. :)

Thanks to Nico & David for great league, hope to see more drivers on track soon!

PS : I don't know about the championship result and the point system, but I think it's safe to assume that David is the champion, so congratulation to him!:thumbsup:

Sean Greenlaw

PrestoGP Veteran
Feb 3, 2009
Q. 3rd
R. Dnf

Started well David looked to have slight edge on pace to me and Reik until his mistake at aurouge. I made my 1st stop to earlier forgetting I had another lap possible, I also had selected slicks so had to watch pitstop while it was raining on car lol.
Try to stay out but had to come in for wets and then leaving the pit box to aggressively I hit wall and wheels off lol.

Grants David and Nicolas, well done everyone who finished !

Cyas around on forums over holidays.