Season 13 Race 4 Zandvoort - Weather

May 15, 2008
I tried to open a wet server yesterday, but the software didn't work properly (happens from time to time) so I have now closed down all servers (r07), updating and restarting the server (os) and the reopening them, including a wet server with 50% wetness.

Peter Decker

PrestoGP Veteran
Aug 28, 2008
Found a thread Nico started 2012 about changeable weather made of all league members :) So, just put the file in, choose changeable weather maybe, if the file is ok. Or I have missed something below.

It is in the Users\*your comp name*\Documents\SimBin\RACE 07\UserData\LOG folder in win7
Similar in XP etc except is named "My Documents" instead of Documents.

It should be the same for the Dedi Server. I think you have to set the Weather.txt file to "read only" after you copy/ paste it there; or it did use to re-write it back to default settings.

When I use the weather generator, which was built for GTR2 I have to do the following with the created txt-file:

- make it writeable
- search the word "qualify1" and rename it into "qualify"
- search the word "race" and rename it into "race1"
- close and safe the file
- make it write protected again!!!

Try this Jorge. :)