5 minutes left, Valter had a slow car and i passed him on the final straight. He crashed in to my rear on the braking to last chicane, suspension got so damaged i couldn't continue. I don't mind that much, my race was ruined with telemetry not working so i chose the wrong tires on the penultimate pitstop. Really, Valter, not that big a deal for me this time.. :roflmao:
I'm very, very sorry Kennett. I thought you and I had about the same brakepoint. I did a terrible mistake.

I had very early braking on dry, almost the same as our top guys on wet. Plus i had those first 4 laps of constant lock-ups to make them even longer.. 97 braking pressure, i had trained on that in the wet and dry but still wondering about those first laps, it was horrible and i was really lucky i could stay away from ramming anyone (and probably others saw me coming like a rocket in the mirrors..)

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no incidents really worth noting but ill mention anyhoo

small touch on guus rear end at hairpin, think this was due to our differing strategies, i was on fresher tyres so my braking was a bit later, didnt harm guus in any way and was a very small touch.

slight contact with tim out of the hairpin, tim broke wide and i got up the inside on exit, we were side by side going to the kink and then i felt a bump on my wheel, i started getting nervous that the sync issues would appear so never really managed to be comfortable to make a pass, like guus i also saw tims car jerking along, the closer i got to him the worse it was, may have been a combination of rain and connection that caused the problem, this is really the first ive noticed since we changed to f3000.

anyhoo no major problems here.
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Just one little incident with Peter Decker, who bumps me off at Turn 8 on lap 40. Not a huge loss though, the position change hasn't really affected my championship position, and I suspect it won't after A1 ring. Plus, he was perfectly apologetic afterwards. :)