no contacts but only a kiss with Kennett:roflmao:

Aww.. :inlove:

That was close call, going up the Club corner, i was just over confident i guess.. I knew i had a good run down but long before the braking to the real overtake place i knew i couldn't overtake.. But it still went long, it's good that these cars have mirrors and Vale knows how to use them :redface:

Had one close call on start practice, it's a bit new experience being in the midpack, i had so marvelous opening in front of me but it ended as crossing the road width from apex to exit. Those are really just luck and one should know better to not try to overtake 4 cars at once:rolleyes:. Fortunately real start went well.

Reik Major

one incident this time :(

TS 2137:
I enter T1 and see Richard in front who has gone wide there and drives though grass on the inside of T2. So I take T2 much more outside. This puts Richard, who's going to be lapped by me on the outside braking zone for sharp T3 and me on the inside. Unfortunately I couldn't see any braking signs because of Richard, so I brake a bit too late, run too wide and lean a little bit on Richards car. Of course this is my fault due to missjudging it. Luckiely no one got harmed.

Thank you Richard for driving the corner as wide as possible and avoid a harder touch! :thumbsup: