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  1. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    bring the car at home:) with all the pieces:roflmao:
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  2. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Q, P7

    R, P6

    I spent the whole race battling with Nico Rouge, wheel to wheel, nose to gearbox:O_o: and against the clock after the pit stops

    Great driving Nico, I enjoyed it :thumbsup:

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  3. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran Premium

    qualifying - 3rd

    very happy with the lap, not much more to say.

    race - DNF

    got a very good start but followed helder too deep and sean got through past us, set about trying to stay in front of helder while closing down sean, had a great fight with reik pass and repass and some great 3 abreast action down the main straight, it wasnt to be for long though, the rut in the kerb at t2 sucked me out towards the wall, i managed to catch it in time but then driving back towards the track i suddenly smashed into something and my wing and front wheel went flying, just at that a huge billboard popped up in front of me, end of race :(

    totally gutted, my championship is all but over by a graphics glitch :( this was the race i couldve closed down marko's lead in the championship but it wasnt to be so i'll fight hard but fair in the remaining races and look forward to next seasons challenge, the margins are so tight now in presto at the front that 1 dnf is all it takes to ruin a challenge.

    good race to drive in while i was in it, but not so much fun to watch after.

    cya all next race.

    p.s unlucky sean........
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  4. Helder Filipe

    Helder Filipe

    Epic Battle With The Champion!
    Congrats Reik Major!
    And Thank You! :)
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  5. Eliezer Bartik

    Eliezer Bartik

    Net disconnected AT Q, start from the back, Net disconnected at race again :(
    Had nice battle wit Bob and Anthony though, manage get to the 8 place.
    Hope for better luck next time.
    C U all
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  6. Bob Laube

    Bob Laube

    some nice Laps with Eliezer, Valter and Anthony :)

    Then, I went to P11 ago, I had my first pit stop -
    I know not how I managed that,
    they have simply given me no petrol ! :(

    cya all next race
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  7. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Q 14th more than 1sec from my pb
    Race 10th
    for race I follow the hint of Marko ( met on server day ago ) more downforce on wings so from 17 19 your suggest was 20 20 but I switch 21 21 and than I remembered to have read on some race report Sean put more fuel for 1st stint so I put start and 82lit. at pit result I gain 2 place when leave the pits:), is useful read the report:D.Now I can say only great battles with Valter in first laps until I brake too late and run out of track, Nico, Bob M.,Kurt I met this guys many time along the race and and with Bob until last lap was fight. Bob you are Gentleman not push too much for overtake me for avoid an incident in some turns:).

    Congratulations Reik, Helder and Dino
    Thanks PrestoGp ours rain man Daniel and Rd and all us for another great event

    C U all at Barcellona
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  8. Anthony Ishak

    Anthony Ishak

    Q P8
    R: P8

    105 fuel, 21/23 wings, 1 stop.

    the first lap was hot with some close fight with Nicolas who was fighting Jim but then Richard kept coming close and kept hitting me so i lost my concentration and got frustrated and finally i lost control and he passed me, after that i had a good fight with Bob and Elizer but my car was not good enough to enjoy the fight .
    after my pit stop Valter passed me as lost some time repairing the car, and for the whole second stint was trying to catch Valter who was driving superbly good, he was hot lapping and not racing :), i kept pushing until i closed the gap to half a second at the final lap, then he had a slow exit half way the final lap and that allowed me to pass him to 8th. great driving Valter :thumbsup:

    grats to Reik 1st win this season :thumbsup: , grats Helder and Dino . .
    Thx Nico and c u all :)
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  9. Nicolas Rouge

    Nicolas Rouge

    Q 9th
    Unexpected, I though I was much slower.

    R 7th
    Decent start, some small contacts in the first lap with cars around me, but no incidents. I had a long fight with Jim in the first stint, where I was most of the time in front, thanks to my speed in the straight. He passed me definitively just before the pit stop, and was about 2 seconds in front of me when he exited the pits (maybe those seconds were lost when I overshoot my pit box). Out of his slipstream and a little slower than him, I couldn't close the gap in the 2nd stint, and we finished like that. Thanks mate for great fight :)

    CU in spain
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  10. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Grats Reik, Helder and Dino!:thumbsup:

    Good job everybody!:thumbsup:

    Q: 12th. Where I belong.

    R: 9th
    First lap was not good. I hit Richard and slided off. Then I overestimated myself and the car in front and had to panic brake off track again.
    Started lap two in P17. Going from 17th to 9th feels like a great victory for me.

    I used Reik's setup (thanks Reik) with slightly more wing than original and did a one stopper starting with 97 liters of fuel.

    Thanks Kurt, Bob Miley, Nicolai, Valerio, Bob Laube and Anthony for the spirited dance.:thumbsup:

    From lap 14 I chased Anthony. I think we were P10 and 11.
    Into pitstop on lap 19. I was 2 seconds behind Anthony and came out in front of him. He had some repairs to do and that took some time.

    For seventeen laps I had Anthony chasing me.:cool: I wish every race would be as exciting as this. On the last lap Antony overtook me. It was easy for him, he was much faster than I when his car was overhauled back to perfect shape:(...:)...:p

    Thanks Nicolai, Daniel, Race Department, SimBin and the Presto GP league of extraordinary gentlemen.

    See you at the bullfight :)
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  11. Steeve Fournier

    Steeve Fournier

    Gratz Reik. Helder, Dino!

    Qual: 1 beer and about 20 practice putts

    Game: 41 front 9 and 45 back 9. Pretty happy the way i stroke the ball for a first game! Oh wait, i'm not in a golf forum....... :p

    Steeve :)
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  12. Dino Paolini

    Dino Paolini

    Q: Horrible as usual with a big mistake in s2

    R: Start was allright, but the pace for the first stint wasn't quite there. I tried to stay as close to p4 as possible, but there was just a little bit too much of a gap + also Anthony coming out of the pits in front of me on my penultimate lap of the first stint where I would have needed a good time.

    I did also overshoot the pitbox slightly, so no chance to gain anything from that.

    Second stint was much better again, with the 4 guys in front of me getting closer together every lap.
    At some point I was close to Sean and could try to overtake. First try did not succeed as he accelerated faster out of the tight left-hairpin when I went far to the inside to leave room, and second try was also not enough. On the third try I went in deep for the inside on t3 as I felt confident enough to take that turn with braking later. Lost the rear traction on the last part and it did hit Sean; sorry for that again. At that time it looked like a probable small touch, but replay showed that it was rather quite a hit ;(

    A couple of corners later approaching the hairpin, I saw Marko behind me suddenly getting big in my mirror and spinning. That was quite scary as that was very close.

    It looked like I can go faster than Helder on the last couple of laps, but behind him I coudn't get the timing of the corners right that led to the straights, so I ended up wasting the last couple of laps without an actual overtaking attempt.

    -> q: 6th / r: 3rd

    I'm sorry for the one incident I had, but apart from that there weren't any others on this race for me.
    I did get held up by lapping cars quite a bit this time, but that was more to the fact that I ended up getting to them in very difficult places mostly (tight turns in s2) and there wasn't anything that they really could have done better.

    Btw from looking at the videos I think our % level of damage doesn't make much sense atm. It's too late now obviously, but there were some pretty hard hits without any damage in this season.
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  13. Marko Vuori

    Marko Vuori

    Congratulations to Reik for winning the most exciting race of this season, and to Helder and Dino for podium finishes.

    I was expecting a good race, based on practice races before the event.

    Qualifying: 1:43.8 (5th)
    An ok lap with no risks. Even though the lap time was ok, fifth spot was a disappointment, especially as this is not the easiest track to overtake.

    Race: 4th
    I followed one stop strategy and started the race with 100L of fuel onboard.

    1st stint: I kept my position at the start. In the beginning of lap 2 Dino was able to overtake me, when I had to make evasive maneuver to avoid crashing with Reik. I then followed Dino for a couple of laps, before I re-overtook him. Soon David spun out of the race and I was in P4. Soon catching Reik, and then overtaking him saw me rise to P3 on lap 16. I then pushed to be able to overtake Helder, but I spun at T9-T10. I then had to push again to catch Helder and I managed to take the gap between us down to 1 seconds before he pitted on lap 20. I then pushed one more lap, after which I had to pit myself. Reik pitted in the same lap as I, but the stop did not change our gap that was around 2 seconds.
    2nd stint: During pit stops I managed to overtake Helder, and was now in P2 around 3 seconds behind Sean, and 2 seconds ahead of Reik. I soon started to eat up the gap to Sean, and when he had some difficulties getting past lapped cars, I catched him on lap 28. I then tried hard to overtake him, and on lap 31 we had a slight touch in T1 when Sean went a bit wide and I immediately tried to use the given chance. I was able to overtake, but decided to compensate the touch for him by letting him re-overtake me, but some other cars got between us before executing this move. I then decided to let cars by one-by-one until Sean would get past, but on the same lap Sean hit me from behind in T8. I spun and dropped behind Reik, Sean and Dino to P5. I then pushed hard to be able to make up the lost positions, but spun once again at T9-T10, and was finally only able to finish 4th behind Reik, Helder and Dino.

    Conclusion: Racing in the front is extremely tight at the moment, and in this race we had 5-6 cars capable of winning the race. The battle for win lasted for the whole race, and pit stops mixed up the order nicely. If we can slightly reduce the amount of incidents without losing any competiveness, we have a splendid package for the rest of the season. Once again my race pace was good enough for winning the race, but some extra moves (spins) on the track with some incidents slightly dropped me out from the winning battle of the last laps.

    Thanks to Nicolai, Daniel, all the drivers of Presto GP, and RaceDepartment.

    See you all at Barcelona!
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  14. Bob Miley

    Bob Miley

    Finally home to make a short report:

    Glad it's over, really don't get on with this track never mind the car struggles lol. Had great fun with Vale Kurt and Nico through the race. Another clean race race for me with no touches so very happy in the end.
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