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Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by DikiDino, May 12, 2011.

  1. DikiDino


    Ok, i think recently with my Season 6 save game i notice this issue getting more and more prominent.

    Here's the situation. I'm using the AI Mod v1.4 and all the while playing in Expert mode where all assist is off and Sim mode is on. AI is in legend.

    The car i'm driving is the Red bull. Given i've driven for them for 3 season and the car has improved after each season, it is fast and given the fact i've thrown in about 300hrs for this game.

    Now here's the annoying part.

    I realized that the AI that is behind my car is always constantly on pace with my car which i have to push it to limit with every corner and every laps. I even have Sutil on the Force India, Williams and even the Lotus can constantly keep up with my pace.

    Now lets take the Singapore track for example.

    I'm doing 1:46 in the qualifying where the fastest the AI did was 1:47+.

    During Race, initial lap time is around 1:49 because my car is heavy with fuel. Now here's the frustrating part. AI is constantly on pace with me and no matter how hard it push, they are forever in the 3secs range distance behind me.

    I did a test and purposely knock out the McLaren, Ferrari and my red bull team mate. And i realized that no matter which driver or what car it is, i felt like its scripted where even a Virgin car can constantly keep up with my 1:46 timing after my fuel went down and my car is lighter.

    Now they cant even do that timing during qualifying and they in race, they can be faster than their qualifying time? Thats bull **** IMO.

    I can only hit my qualifying time after my fuel tank is almost depleted with new sets of tyre and have to push my car very hard in order to hit that timing for "ONCE" but the AI is able do it every single f*king lap.

    I'm in 3secs lead and i pitted. The moment i exit the pit and usually i'll be from 1st to become either 3rd or 2nd position after considering almost all the car have pitted once.

    And from there on, my lap per lap time is improving but my distance between the AI and my car is increasing. Even with consistency meeting close to the qualifying time, i can only maintain the distance between the front AI and me.

    Now thats bull **** too.

    IN actual formula 1, its rarely the case where the race lap time can actually be faster than in qualifying.

    And i notice that those car on steroid is usually the first and 2nd car. The rest behind is either super slow or can easily catch up with.

    Example Hamilton can be in the lead and super fast. However, the moment if there's another AI that replace him taking over the front position, he suddenly become very slow.

    On certain lap, i am very good with them which gave me the advantage of being faster during qualifying because i spent a lot of time practicing.

    Now, it create an impression that it doesn't matter how good i am with that track, the AI simply take my Best Lap Time as reference and they suddenly can do at that time consistently throughout the race.

    This is spoil the whole experience with me.

    Now mind you, i'm not a super fast driver where my name appear on the leaderboard. But what i'm doing is to usually compare the lap time with the official timing i obtain from Formula 1 to create an immersion that is as close to the real thing as possible.

    The AI corner fixed which i've tried is insanely fast and there's no way i can compete if i'm driving with all assist off and tyre/fuel sim turned on. And no, i dont want to off those so i can be fast. LOL

    AI tool Mod, it somehow made the AI almost the same with every single track unless i tweak them individually.

    Past few races has really put my nerve on the edge. I dont like to play with cheating AI. LOL

    Guess i'm going to try and revert to original AI and see how is the experience compared to AI Mod 1.4. :)
  2. Franck nitti

    Franck nitti

    I couldn't agree more. Great post.
  3. Dylan Hember

    Dylan Hember

    maybe dis able the catch up thing
  4. DikiDino


    I've tried with the catchup by deleting the files. Its still the same.

    probably its the game engine that has some restriction on how the AI can perform. Just hope it will be better in F1 2011.

    Because personally, i will really very much prefer on how the AI will drive like in the real world.

    It doesn't make much sense to have Trulli on his Lotus tailgating on vettel laps after laps right? At least not in 2010 or 2011. LOL
  5. Chris Bull

    Chris Bull

    I have had this with Australia, I am I think quite good around there. TT I can set a 1:26 in buttons car.
    In the race I can do 1:30 1:31 in Lotus now thats good for me.
    Now how is it I come 24th?

    I am better than the Virgins on lap times and hispania racing? it begs the question how do they keep up and get past?
    I have also deleted the Catchup file and Im running the Rini ultra realistic....
  6. ChoxAway


    I thought the whole point of the AI Mod was to make them behave more realistically?

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