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Released Savo Stage Finland v1.0

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by nokanmov, Jun 4, 2011.

  1. nokanmov


    Savo Stage Finland v1.0

    Stage: Savo Stage Finland v1.0
    Place : Lempäälä - Kangasala, Tampere, Finland
    Distance: 8.5 km
    Surface: Gravel
    Contributors: Zaxxon (Method Zaxxon), Jukka Grönfors, Mihkel Kütt, Mikko Virtanen, Juhani Pitkänen, Ville Kivimaa, Antti Henriksson

    FidoRallyTeam show how to drive Savo Stage, 03:53.40 ;D

    Savo Stage
    Server1: http://www.filefront.com/17158426/savontie.rar
    Server2: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=SC0ZZK8L
    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Z82SapJwa0

    Savo Stage Reversed
    Server1: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=WM3Y81GD
    Server2: http://www.filefront.com/17387293/Savo-Concept-rev.rar/

    Savo Stage v1.0

    Savo Stage, road number 3110 Lempäälä to Kangasala, Southside from Tampere city, Finland. Road tells thousands stories about rallying world, "million FINmark stone" did not longer destroys rallycars. But stage has "little Myhinpää" reputation, corner campers, jumps and very high speeds may cause mistakes by drivers. Road is very difficult and technical, rally drivers many times knows that many times too late, when they are already upside down in the ditch. Even first gravel surface corner have cause mistakes by civilian car drivers, because in the ditches there you can find radiators, bumper pieces etc. damaged car parts.

    Do you want to step forward to drive legendary (ancestor name of Neste Rally Finland) 1000 Lakes Rally stage. Road is 8 KM long and it is full of high speed, technical sections, real road based altitude profile, very challenging road. Welcome Savo Stage, rally legends surrounding to road what is now driveable.

    Zaxxon, thank you very much to making terrain grid. Track building team: Jukka Grönfors, Mihkel Kütt, Mikko Virtanen, Juhani Pitkänen, Ville Kivimaa, Antti Henriksson
  2. gegewrc


    Wooow! Great stage! Very challenging roads.
    Fantastically made! Zaxxon's method + BTB+ great and moticated modders give us a masterpiece here! :doublethumb:
  3. Barbje_Keller


    Yes track is fantastic, but stenogram - is totaly **** :(. I don't like drive on it, becous I all time, must to remember every turn, jump and others.., and don't to hear my codriver...
  4. Gwarth


    As much as I like the stage itself (10/10 quality!) the pacenotes can't be trusted as Barbje_Keller said... There are many easy (5) corners that should be fast (4) and vice versa. It's frustrating to find yourself going with 5th gear into an "easy (5)" corner and find that you should have been on 4th gear and 20km/h less speed. And on the other hand, there are some "90" corners (usually 2th gear corner) that you can enter with 4th gear - losing much time because way too slow note.

    Otherwise absolutely superb job. I almost feel like I'm a complete **** complaining about this. :) I really really enjoy driving the stage and I'm looking forward to Humalamäki stage!
  5. nokanmov


    Pacenotes is created driveline file matematic values. That is reason why they do not match good as possible.

    I´m too looking forward very intresting, because Humalamäki Stage release going close all the time.