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EU S397 GT3 @ Virginia International Raceway - Fri 14 May 2021

Kevin Galvin

Thanks for that guys! First rFactor club race in over a year and first with RD, some really good battles and really clean start from everyone! Just wish I hadn't gone on an adventure L1 and been able to mix it further up
Thanks everyone, really nice racing! Pretty happy with P5 at the end considering I learned this track two days ago :) Had some nice battles throughout the field, just a bit sad I screwed a very possible podium with some dumb mistakes when lost focus half way through.


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// If you want to save the planet, drive fast !
No point of racing I was 7s slower than most of you guys......:confused:
I will stick to endurance races I am way better and faster :)

Jan Larsen

Great race everyone, I enjoyed that.

In practice I had driven quite a lot in order to try and develop the setup a lot more that I had previously done and I'm happy to report that, for the most part, it worked. I found quite a bit more pace with the McLaren than the previous race.
I stuck it on 3rd for the race, half a tenth to @Cameron Sansano in 2nd and a few tenths to @Pauli Ahonen on pole which I was well chuffed with given the seconds I was behind last race. I tried to go on the inside in T1 only to see Cameron cut me off (legally) which meant I stayed 3rd for the first part of the race. I knew my car would start off fairly slow until I burned off some fuel, but once that happened I was able to mount some pressure on Cameron until he made a mistake. I then tried to reel in Pauli, only to see him be a couple of tenths faster than me every lap, which was annoying. Then he made a mistake and gifted me the lead, only for me to the same a few laps later and we we're back to square one. The gap yoyo'ed at around 3 secs until Pauli made his second mistake at the same corner. Tough luck mate, would have been yours for the taking otherwise.

Really encouraging to be so far near the front in GT3's. Still some work on the setup to be done, but all in all, very happy.
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Theo van den Brink

@Theo van den Brink I was on your tail for the biggest part of the race (until I avoided contact and spun out)
Really good fun, although I had 0 practice so I was midfield only
Yes you were putting me under pressure! I felt the rear also coming a bit more loose so i had to be a bit more causies and because of that you came closer and where i was afraid of you showed me! to bad man i really enjoyed the fight!