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Valerio Vinassa

PrestoGP Veteran
Dec 24, 2009
race 1 incident me and Andrew, lap2 T8 Marlborobotch I was chasing Rui on mine line and I couldn't go stronger than this,Andrew was really close to me and in middle turn he hit me and both we spun. same things happened to me in race 2 me and Rui when Martin F. was in last turn in middle track im close to Rui and on left side Martin ahead Rui that lift a bit the feet i suddenly hit him no space for avoid or try to avoid he is gone on grass and i wait that him rejoin the track and overtake me.
Sep 5, 2018
Race 1 - Ran into Valerio on second lap when he slowed more than I expected, and in these cars there's simply no way to avoid contact because it happens within your reaction time (unless you follow the two-second rule, but then you're not racing!).

Race 2 - I thought I'd made contact with Martin, but looking at the replay, it was Artyom. This was at turn 1 when I was trying to stay out of trouble on the outside while level with Martin and my right front or wing end plate just touched Artyom's left rear, which made my car leap into the gravel.

Regarding the contact in race 1, I looked at our minimum speeds around that turn (over a few laps, and only eyeballing the speeds):

Valerio: 144 - 160 delta = 16
Rui: 165 - 208 delta = 43
Lorenzo: 198 - 201 delta = 3
Artyom: 186 - 190 delta = 4
Andrew: 198 - 205 delta = 7
David: Not sure, as I looked looked in race 2, but I expect your delta to be in single figures
Martin: I think he'd retired by the time I did the above, but again, I'd expect single figures
Teper: Sorry, I forgot to look at your speeds!

I think this is the reason why it's almost impossible to race cars with this level of performance, as it's impossible with the visual reaction time of around 0.25 seconds to account for such large differences. This is even more true with braking points, as you can travel a very long way in a quarter of a second. The real life drivers manage and do it so well they make it look easy, but even the bad ones are vastly superior to any of us, so they all pretty much brake at the same point and by the same amount. I think only sim-racers with very consistent driving can cope well enough to make these cars race-able , but even then we still manage to scare ourselves.