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RWD + FWD = Good cup?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by bejvalo, May 18, 2016.

  1. bejvalo


    Hi guys, am looking for good RWD + FWD combo for our championship. I prefere Kunos car, but mod isnt problem. Do you know about something?

    PS: Sry for my english :)
  2. St3fan


    From my experience, Mito vs GT86 is usually lots of fun. With the new Japanese car pack, it seems that the Abarth 500 Assetto Corse and MX-5 Cup are 2 race cars that are similar in lap time.

    Below is a list I made that shows all the mixed cars combinations that have been run at RaceDepartment's AC club races (mostly road cars), or are combination I've seen on pub servers:

    McLaren F1 GTR vs McLaren P1 @ Silverstone
    Lotus 2-11 vs KTM X-bow @ Vallelunga
    M3E30 vs GT86 vs Mito vs Abarth500S1 @ Zandvoort
    GT86 vs Mito vs Abarth500S1 @ Nurburgring sprint
    GT86 vs Mito vs Abarth500S1 @ Silverstone national
    Mito vs Abarth 500 @ Magione
    Mito vs Alfa GTA vs Mito @ Spa
    Miura vs Abarth500 @ Barcelona Moto
    2-11 vs X-bow @ Norisring
    4C vs M3E92 @ Vallelunga
    599 vs Zonda @ Monza
    4C vs M3E92 vs Exige 240R @ Blackwood Reloaded
    Lotus 49 vs McLaren F1 @ Mugello
    Abarth500 vs Alfa GTA @ Mugello
    C9 vs LaFerrari vs P1 @ Silverstone International
    C9 vs 599 vs Zonda R @ Spa
    F1 GTR vs P1 @ Silverstone
    P1 vs LaFerrari @ Nordschleife
    M3E92 vs Evora S vs Exige 240R @ Vallelunga
    599 vs Zonda R @ Silverstone
    1M vs Evora S @ Vallelunga Club
    Xbow vs 2-11 @ Imola
    Xbow vs 2-11 @ Aosta
    Xbow vs 2-11 @ Mugello
    312T vs Evora GX @ Mugello
    599 vs Zonda @ Gentrack1
    599 vs Zonda @ Blackwood
    599 vs Zonda @ Silverstone International
    599 vs Zonda @ Monza 66
    Formula Abarth vs Evora GTC @ Nordschleife
    599 vs Zonda @ Monza
    1MS3 vs M3E30Drift vs M3E92Drift vs M3E92S1 vs Z4E89Drift vs EliseSCS2 vs EvoraS vs Exige240R vs ExigeScura vs ExigeSRoadster @ Vallelunga Club
    458 vs F40 vs Xbow vs 2-11 vs MP412C @ Mugello
    458 vs M3E30GrA @ Magione
    M3E30Drift vs M3E92S1 vs EvoraSS2 @ Vallelunga
    Exige S Roadster vs Exige Sucra @ Silverstone International
    M3E92Drift(Mouse) vs M3E30Drift(Cat) @ Monza

    Supposedly different cars get similar laptimes with these combos (I tried Abarth 500 vs Miura at Catalunya Moto it was great fun). Hopefully this could be helpful.
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