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RSRBR2012 - Installing and Using - Guidelines

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Warren Dawes

Rallyesim have released RSRBR2012. I have written a more concise set of guidelines, hopefully useful for those new to the world of RSRBR.

RSRBR2012 is an addon, which adds a huge amount of content (cars, tracks, track surfaces, weather options, BTB addon tracks) and also the ability to play RBR on-line.
Racedepartment runs all of it's on-line Rallys using RSRBR2012.

RSRBR2012 will not affect your base RBR game, you can still run all default options from from your default RBR icon, or you can launch the default RBR from within RSCenter.

RSRBR2012 may seem complex at first, but by following a set procedure and becoming familiar with the RSCenter interface, it is really quite straight forward.

Where possible, I have included links to the developers website tutorials, and should be read in addition to this set of guidelines (they provide more detailed explanations).

Installation of RSRBR2012

Please also read the full Rallyesim Tutorial (translated) linked: Here

I have installed this mod many times on different systems (Win XP, Vista, Win 7), and I always follow these basic steps.

1. Install RBR.

Windows Vista and Win 7 Users Please note:
You need to take some additional precautions when installing RBR. Here is a link (translated) to the additional Tutorial for Windows 7 and Vista: Here

Basically, do not install the game in Program Files, which is the usual default location.

2. Install the Official Patches 1.01 and 1.02.

3. Run the game to ensure that all is working ok. Set up your Options including the Controller.
This step helps to make sure that the base RBR game is working ok before installing RSRBR2012. The best way to test everything is to go to the Rally School.
You may also create the Cheat Profile named "Mulligatawny" and set up your Options for that profile. This profile will be used by RSRBR to gain access to all of the addon content.
This Profile will be created by RSRBR2012 when installed, but you will still need to re set your Options after installation.

4. Once you are satisfied that the base RBR is working ok, then proceed to install RSRBR2012.

5. Install the main mod RSRBR 2012 found : Here

6. Install the Track Pack found Here

7. Install the latest Updates:

(I'll post links here as they are released.)

Update 01 can be found Here

Update 02 can be found Here

Update 03 can be found Here

Update 04 can be found Here

Update 05 can be found Here

Update 06 can be found Here

Update 07 can be found Here

8. Install the latest Car Packs: Here (Complete full pack direct link Here )

Note: You can add the car packs by installing the full pack, or alternatively, you can install groups, or individual classes if you wish. Make sure to check the main website (the link provided) to ensure you have the latest versions, they get updated regularly. Also, if you don't install the full pack, always check to make sure you have the latest updated pack for the class being used in the RD Rally (check the Rally Club Sign-up posts).

Please Note:
Some Car Packs usually need to be updated after each RSRBR2012 Update, please check the advice in the download link.
Some BTB Country Stages often need to be updated after each RSRBR2012 Update, please check the advice in the download link.

9. BTB Tracks: If you wish to use the BTB Addon Tracks with RSRBR, you need to also download and install RSRBR BTB Country Packs, but these are not essential to running RSRBR2012.
BTB Country Packs can be found Here

Using RSRBR2012

Please also read the full Rallyesim Tutorial (translated) linked: Here

1. Launch RSCenter from the desktop icon.

2. From RSCenter, you can play off-line or on-line.

3. Firstly, you will need to register. Even if you were a previous user of RSRBR2011, you will need to register again.

Select "Registration RSRBRLive 2012", and follow the steps provided.
Some people have problems getting registered on the RSRBR Live Server after they have an initial problem.
If that happens, it seems the only way to resolve it is to go to the Rallyesim website/forum and to request a manual registration. They seem to be regularly doing manual registrations for people lately.

Here is the website: http://forum.rallyesim.fr/index.php
Post a problem help request here: http://forum.rallyesim.fr/viewforum.php?f=434

Better still, send a PM to bluesky74 (at Rallyesim) advising your problem, give him your Username, Password, etc, and he should fix it for you.

4. To play off-line, select "Play Alone".
Select your game settings by clicking File\Settings. Make sure to set your GMT\UTC timezone settings, and your Full Screen RBR 3D Ratio to match your screen resolutions. Choose any other settings as desired.

Select your desired car pack, stage, weather etc options.

To launch RBR using these addon options, click "Launch RSRBR2012".

IMPORTANT: To use the addon content, you MUST use the profile Mulligatawny, if not the game will freeze at the game launch screen. (please ensure that you have set up your Game/Controller options under the Mulligatawny profile in addition to your own individual Profile. This needs to be done from the default game by launching from the default RBR icon, otherwise the settings will not be saved).

You can also play the default RBR by using "Launch Richard Burns Rally SSE"; this will launch the default game with everything unlocked (but no access to the extra stages/cars/etc that come in the mod).

5. To return to the main RSCenter screen, click "File \ Index"

6. To play on-line, from RSCenter, select "Public Sessions".

7. Joining an online session

Fill in your credentials at the top left of the application, in the Opening Screen of RSCenter (you should only need to do this once after registering).

Select the "Public sessions" tab and hit the "Start online session" button.

RSCenter may ask to sync your pc clock with the server clock (if they're not the same), let it do it.

Authentication dialog pops up and it should display a list of public sessions you can join. Select one, enter password if req'd, and off you go!

For more details re Playing On-Line in a Public Session, read this:

Session Format

A session isn't open for joining until the start time for the event. There is then a 15 minute countdown to the first stage.

Once the countdown expires, you'll have 60 seconds to hit the "GO" button. Hitting the button takes you directly to the stage.

If you miss the opportunity, you'll forfeit stage, as if you retired.

When you install the mod, it creates a user profile called Mulligatawny, you need to select this profile, when prompted. You cannot play the mod online with any other profile - so make sure you change your profile options in the single player game beforehand (eg. pacenotes are in french by default).

You can leave the session and return - even during the rally. Furthermore, you are even able to join a rally midway through the session, if you missed the start - missed stages will receive default times. You won't be able to use any other features of RSCenter (eg. Play Alone etc) while in an online session.

Once the stage is complete, you'll be returned to the RSCenter where you can see how your competitors are doing/have done and you'll find the countdown ticking down for the next stage. If you take so long on a stage that you miss the scheduled start of the next one, you'll forfeit the one you missed.

8. To close RSRBR, use File\Index to go back to the main RSCenter, and close the window from there. Alternatively, use File\Exit.

I hope this is of some help to newcomers, but more detailed information is also available in our RD Richard Burns Rally Forum.

Warren Dawes

Main post is now updated following the release of Update 05.

Update 05 fixes a few bugs in Update 04, and includes Update 04.

Warren Dawes

Main post now updated to include RSRBR2012 Update 07.

Also changed the installation order slightly to install the Track Pack prior to installing official Updates.
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