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Rig headache. Help!

Hey guys!
First time poster here. As the title says having a right rig headache atm. I have just purchased the Augury 18nm OSW and trying to find a suitable rig to go with it.
I like the look of the TrakRacer TR8, smart, compact and includes the seat. My issue is in the review for it on SimRacingGarage the mounting for the 18nm didn’t seem to fit. Does anyone have the new version of the TR8 and know if it fits? Or have a better simrig suggestion at a similar price [UK] thank you!
You really should look at Simlab rigs, for the TR8 price, you can have the EVO1 which is a far superior rig, IMO.
Even adding the monitor mount and that should get you in at the same price/slightly less than the TR8.

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