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Rfactor heaven

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Jari Vinnari

Jan 27, 2007
Finally I found and drive two Rfactor mods that brings big smile to my face.
Compination on Spirit 76 and Historic GT & Touring cars mods driven in a Bathurst track is just brilliand experience. :D
Spirit 76 mod is easier to drive but its just great fun to drive that little Fiat at top off Bathurst mountain.

Historic GT mod has many different cars and car classes. I drove with Ford Escort and Capri wich were more difficult and challenging drive than Spirit 76´s Fiat and Lotus but great fun nevertheless. In Historic GT mod I used Realfeel plugin and in a Spirit 76 I used wheel settings copied from my Race 07 config.
Two thumbs up for both mods and the track. :thumb:

Spirit of 76´s download--> RapidShare: Easy Filehosting
Historix GT and Touring cars download-->Historic GT & Touring Cars 1.01 by HistorX Mod Team | rFactor Cars | rFactor Central
Bathurst download-->Bathurst ORSM 1.10 by Team ORSM | rFactor Tracks | rFactor Central
Realfeel plugin-->Real Feel FFB Plugin 0.92 by TechAde | rFactor Addons | rFactor Central

Not open for further replies.