rFactor 2 Alabama Speedway 3PA Released

Paul Jeffrey

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Jun 5, 2009

rFactor 2 developers Image Space Incorporated have released yet another Oval circuit to compliment the recent Stockcar content to hit the sim, this time bringing the 3.86 mile Alabama Superspeedway by way of the third Party Affiliate programme.

Starting out life as a conversion from the older rFactor 1 game, the new release has been significantly updated and contains all the latest goodies expected of a new track content release for the sim.

With a "significant banking rework" done by mianiak, this flatout temple of speed is bound to test the nerve of any driver going toe to toe with 42 other NASCAR Stockcar drivers at over 200
mph being separated by mere inches.

Alabama Speedway is available to download via the Steam Workshop or directly from the ISI website and comes in a single configuration.

Initial impressions seem to confirm strong AI ability on this track, however those of you who have more interest in competing with your fellow human beings might want to check out the rFactor 2 Racing Club right here at RaceDepartment in the coming weeks for your chance to check this track out online, as well as many other opportunities to sample Oval racing with using the growing number of tracks becoming available in rFactor 2 in recent months.

alabama2.jpg alabama3.jpg alabama4.jpg alabama5.jpg

Have you tried the Alabama Speedway 3rd Party Affiliate Mod yet? Let us know in the comments section below!
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Nov 26, 2015
What a Beautiful piece of work! The detail is amazing and I had a lot of fun..
Nov 27, 2013
I'm not much of an oval racer that's for sure (even if i do follow the sprint cup on cable from allt the way over in Sweden), but i am getting used to it the more i run it in rF2. There is a lot more depth to it than one may think, but a different technique than road course racing. Still learning the ways, starting to get the hang of using the centrifugal slingshot effect by getting the right entry vector into the banked bits... Great fun :)
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