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    Post over at the rF2 forum.
    Was on last night, no problems - (canberra, australia)

    rF2 Asia new server test
    We are now testing a candidate location for a new dedicated server in the region.

    We hope to gather a bigger number of drivers from various locations at the same time to give it some stress.

    All the contents are downloadable from the server browser (DropBox).

    Feel free to comment and any feedback will be appreciated. [​IMG]

    We now have two test servers running with the following:

    Server 1 (testing for the coming Flat 6 season):

    name: ! ! !rF2 Asia Test1

    mod: Flat 6

    track: Adelaide

    Server 2:

    name: ! ! !rF2 Asia Test2

    mod: Spec Miata

    track: ISI Lime Rock Park
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