Reviews on Formula CSX & Akira GP?

Hi guys!

I am interested in buying one of those wheels, but besides a video on the Akira I am not really able to find much more.

Does anyone own one of the above and could they share their experience with me?

Thank you!


Essex, UK
I don't own either but like you, I was considering these rims at one point.

There aren't many reviews out there for either but I did use this one to get some information:

I have owned the Akira gp since February this year, and am really satisfied with it. I have a modified fanatech formula rim (magnetic shifters) that I have not used since I got the Akira GP.
THe sofware for modding the display is easy to use and you can customise the screens and leds to fit the car you are currently using.
I like the ergonomics of the wheel, but I saw in Barry Rowlands review of the F1S ( to me it looks like the two share the same grips) that he commented on the shape of the grips. They are quite deep and not so rounded in the front. Another thing is that the cluch paddles can rattle a bit if the ffb has quck and heavy shaking.This is due to how they are designed. But this is not something that is a problem for me in normal use.
Lastly, i have not been able to use the screen with automobilista. I have to load a rfactor plugin that kills my framerate( it goes down to single digits), but if this is something on my pc I dont know.

But all in all I think the Akira GP is a really nice rim, and I am really happy with my purchase.