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  1. Emil Sällberg

    Emil Sällberg

    I've been looking around for old results from RDTCC and RDLMS, either I'm blind and can't find them (then my suggestion is a better link to them ;) ) or they just do not exist.

    It would be brilliant to have all of the old results collected in one GPCOS or something so that you can reminisce over them. Is that possible to organize?
  2. Bram Hengeveld

    Bram Hengeveld
    Founder Staff Premium

    Not sure if we have all the old result still from before the migration. But GPCOS is becoming a very old point scoring system that is getting obsolete.

    We have been waiting for a long time on an update and have our eyes open for a proper alternative solution that is more fitting the modern times.

    Will have a look what we can do with old results. Thx