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Resources Show up on Multiple Profiles

I'm just going to start by saying this is @Ben O'Bro's idea rather than mine, but I thought it would make sense to formally request it here.

Some of RaceDepartment's finest mods are developed by many members of our community, with resources such as the Need for Speed packs, and pretty much anything @aphidgod gets his hands on. In order to access some of the works that people have had their hands in, you need to travel to the resources page of several different profiles. Would it be possible to add an optional 'collaborators' section to a mod's page, where you can credit the people involved in the project? If the author adds someone to the collaborators section and if the collaborator in question approves it, their name would show up on the mod's page, as well as the 'Mods' tab on their profile.

I went and added a couple examples of what I had in mind, if a mod has 3 or more authors, clicking on the 'and X others' would possibly bring up a list of people involved, much like you can see post interactions. If it is not too much to ask, would it be feasible to add a brief description of what that person has done including the original publisher, much like the credits section you see in most mods?

Capture 1.png
Capture 2.png

Capture 3.png

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to your response! :)
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There's already some feature called "Team Resources" me and a couple of guys only recently noticed (this is mine, obv empty: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/authors/accakut.213775/?team=1 (just checked, it's only visible to myself)), I think this could easily be adapted? Just have the original uploader be able to name contributors on a mod.

Not even sure how those Team thingy is supposed to work... where could I create a team? As most of us work in very loose groups it wouldn't make sense to create teams for every upload, or end up linked to mods we have no hand in.
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Ben O'Bro

You can indeed edit an existing mod and add "team members"
but :
"You may enter multiple names here. You may have up to 10 team member(s). Team members are not displayed publicly, except to moderators and team members themselves."

that could easily be edited like you said and be public.
Giving more highlight to everyone involved in each mods, and listing them in their mod list too

@Davide Nativo is it something you can reach higher about ? :)
Even more following aphidgod interview, it would help the cause !
#fight for the physic guys :p
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