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Resolution options in drop-down list

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Andreas Ericson, May 25, 2015.

  1. Andreas Ericson

    Andreas Ericson

    Hello, I just started playing Assetto Corsa and I am really enjoying it. For the moment just with a gamepad but soon with a wheel.

    I have a question regarding the resolution options;
    In the Resolution drop-down menu there are two choices right next to each other of many of the resolutions.
    For example it looks like this:
    1920x 1080 @ 23,97 Hz
    1920x 1080 @ 29,97 Hz
    1920x 1080 @ 50 Hz
    1920x 1080 @ 59,94 Hz
    1920x 1080 @ 59,94 Hz
    The difference between the top ones is obvious but what about the bottom two? Does it matter which one I choose?
  2. Stereo


    It just uses the list your graphics driver provides, which is usually based on what your monitor says it can handle - one possibility is that they're "1080p" (a TV standard) and PC 1920x1080 (monitor standard) which aren't really different, but some TV devices (cable box, dvr, whatever) only recognize '1080p'.
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  3. brooptss


    The "59,94 Hz" is the refresh-rate frequency of your monitor/display, you'll want to choose the highest one your monitor/display supports, which it seems from what you pasted is 60hz (or 59hz), so choose that.
    I explained this in another thread so don't mind me pasting this, from here :