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Lingering Slide

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by vegaguy5555, May 15, 2015.

  1. Still trying to fix this unnatural slide/whip. I have seen youtube videos of guys drifting and their car is responding to the slightest wheel movement. I live in Alberta Canada and spend at least a couple of months a year drifting my old truck. Not by choice. I have lost control many times for fun with a V8 Chevy Vega when younger.
    The only time I ever had no control at all is on wet ice. I get that same feeling when trying to drift in Assetto Corsa. Steering into the slide does little. The slide is very wrong. It has the feeling of another car pushing you.
    I'm running an i7 4790, 32gigs of ram, solid state hard drive, GTX 980x2 SLI, Fanatic club sport wheel and Oculus Rift.
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  2. Former Bragg Creek resident here!

    I would say low-speed snow / wet road powerslides are a totally different animal than high speed dry tarmac drifting. I had a 79 Lincoln Continental which i used to slide around in the rain and snow with the greatest of ease.... And I did ALL THE TIME. I also have an MGB and an E-Type, and have lost traction at around 100kph going through dry corners on a number of occasions. One of those I spun the MGB harmlessly, another i put it into a concrete barrier at the inside of a turn. The Jag Ive lost traction in a long sweeper at about 110kph and its by sheer luck i kept it going straight. Now neither of those cars have enough power for good power over drifting... comparing those incidents to slipping and sliding around in my old Lincoln, a number of pickup trucks and Suburbans on very low tractiion surfaces such as gravel, snow and wet roads... Id say that for whatever reason, its much easier to do. *shrug*

    Not saying that Assetto has the physics dialed, just stands to reason that drifting isnt quite as easy as it looks?
  3. It depends what car, tyres, and surface type. So if you get for example the bmw drift car, put street tyres and go with a surface grip green or lower. Also don't use traction control.
  4. The videos I seen of drifting, the car was responding to the smallest corrections. I am not saying I know how to drift. I want to start with getting rid of this lingering slide. It was much worse. I got it to be drivable until I hear the tires let go. Something is still out of sync. I and I am sure you would know enough of steering into a skid to understand when something was off.
  5. I'm running without any driving aids. Thanks for trying to help. You can make fun of my computer skills. That would be far.
  6. I am not asking about your computer skills, I was asking your game/car setup settings when taking the cars for a drift. So I was advising to not use TC, slick or semislick tyres, and neither a high grip surface.

    In your nvidia settings, try pre-rendered frames 1. The game also has a setting for that, in graphics.ini file, which is maximum_frame_latency=0 this means the game will use the setting you are using in nvidia for pre-rendered frames, you can put max frame latency to 1 in the game file, then you don't have to change in nvidia driver. For the game file, go here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\system\cfg
  7. Thanks Radu. I was relying to two people at the same time. I will recheck these settings. I was a little frustrated when I wrote the thread. I don't want to drift. I just want the car in sync with the physics. I think Assetto Corsa did a great job. This is my poor computer skills. In the past when doing these inside tweeks I noticed I had changed the wrong file. ok. I admit I can't drift a compute or a car. I have thought of drifting my computer a few times.
  8. Also don't use vsync, as will give visual delay, try instead the fps limiter, put it a bit above the screen refresh hz rate, using the slider in video options menu.
  9. Thanks again. Will look into this. I don't think I was in graphics ini file. And frame rate just above refresh will try . Vsync doesn't seem to do much for physics either way so far but will try again. I have it off in game , which causes red flicker when on, I do however have it on in Nvidia.
  10. Since you have sli gpu config, put reflections to either low-static or high-ultra. Something in between may cause worse fps. Vsync (game or gpu driver) will cause some delay, so you won't be in sync. And also try the pre-rendered frames 1 with nvidia or with the file as I detailed in my post above.
  11. Ok. That is something new to consider. There isn't much on sli that I have found. I will definitely try it. Thanks very much.
  12. That helped a lot. I'm actually doing some drifting. Or at least controlled slides. I set in game reflections/reflection quality to low from high. And reflection rendering frequency to very low from off. I think it looks better or at least the same. Going around and breaking all my best times so I would say it helped. Thanks again. So it wasn't my poor driving or computer skills. It's my slow computer. I wonder if another video card would help?
  13. Wow. Assetto corsa is amazing with Oculus Rift and this lingering slide fixed. I know there are other guys going through the same thing I had. It is so frustrating. The first thing you think is I can't drive very well. I kept practicing and I was getting slower. Now I have to practice not over steering. A million thanks Radu Oros.

    Oh and Ring Rat and all the other knee jerk reaction insecure guys out there that I have read making comments about lingering slide issues. Drifting on dry tarmac is much easier than wet ice I just found out. I never thought of it until I got this fake slide fixed. So I will give you a little insight. When drifting on dry road, even though you are sliding at the back tires because of wheel spin, the front tires have full traction making it much easier to control than drifting unexpectedly on an icy highway with an old 4x4.
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  14. Knee jerk / insecure? calm down sir... I was just calmly offering a possible explanation, which obviously wasn't the right one for you.
  15. Sorry for the jab.I'm just not right very often. Been trying to find an answer but after reading some of the feedback was afraid to ask knowing what I was in for. Sim racing are made up of a lot of good guys. Lots of help out there.
  16. Another idea (not sure your knowledge so my apologies if you know this already): What is your monitor/display's response time and refresh rate? You can google to find out what those terms mean if you're not sure. Roughly: response time is how quickly the display reacts to input (moving your mouse, steering your wheel), its in milliseconds. Refresh rate is roughly how smooth the display is, it feels something similar to FPS, but in the display's terms. Remember the old big-boxy CRT monitors from 2002 and how much they would flicker? Modern LCD/LED's are different technology but the principle is the same. If you're using for example: an old 60hz LCD monitor with a 20ms response time, you're going to have a bad time, very delayed input with blurring and ghosting etc. Try get onto a (2ms or lower) AND (120hz or higher) monitor/TV and witness how much faster the display reacts to your movements (if that is the case).
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  17. I'm using oculus rift DK2. I'm not sure what mila seconds its running at. I'll have to look into it. Something to keep in mind.
    I'm going to put together a 3 screen system soon. See if there is a difference.
    For everyone out there try playing around with reflection. I can't believe the effect it had on latency.
  18. Ah ok. I don't have any experience with the Oculus, but heard that it suffers from input delay.
  19. It has a lot of issues but werth every one. When not using the oculus rift I have a 60in plasma TV. The Oculus Rift makes the 60in feel like a 19in. I'm addicted to oculus rift.
  20. Ah okay, just something to bear in mind that the Rift does have delay. Plasma TV's are great man! They usually react very, very quickly. But get quite hot, draw a lot of current and can suffer image burn if a static image is left on the screen. I've only used a 51" Samsung Full-HD plasma for an hour playing a shooter game, but man it was quick and responsive! Felt about the same speed or better than my 120hz 1ms 23" Samsung S23A700D Monitor (made specially for gaming). Don't go for an LCD/LED model unless it has above 100hz (REAL hz, don't fall for some of the marketing scams like "600hz Super-motion Stabilizing Flim Flam Rate", "5ms grey-to-grey response time" or some other nonsense measurement they've made up). The salesman will have you believing some big fancy new LED TV is the fastest thing in the world, but many of these modern LCD/LED's don't shape up to much older plasma's/LCD's, so do your homework.The human eye isn't great at picking up on these little performance discrepancies on first look (many guys will say "I can't tell the difference, my 10 year old [crappy motion-blurring delayed LCD monitor] is fine!!!", but please trust me, I've fiddled around with this sort of stuff for years with shooter games, it is much much better when its sorted and you'll really notice the difference once you know what you're looking for. See this link: http://forums.anandtech.com/showpost.php?s=e5c5a2cb914585d8a7ae9fc53053d9b2&p=30846405&postcount=6
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