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Cars Resizing Rims?

Hello everyone,

I'v been adventuring with car modding for Assetto Corsa for about a month now and even tho I have learned a lot forgive me if I'm still fresh.

On every car I'v tried replacing and resizing the rims I seem to encounter the same issue, Im always able to swap fine but the resizing never works like I want.

I use 3DSMax and I'v tried a few different methods to resize but always end up failing. Simply explained, in 3DSMax I grab and isolate the entire wheel from the second car, align them to the main car's suspension and then I resize all 4 together (including the dummies) to a desirable size. Export and then the usual procedure with KSEditor.

Once I open the car with Content Manager everything looks good for the most part and ready to go but then when I align with data to make the final adjustments the wheels return to their original size. I attached 2 pictures to give some context of how it looks when the car appears with data aligned or not.

Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this issue?


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