Reporting a Problem

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Brendon Pywell

Bob's Track Builder
Feb 26, 2009
In order to take a more systematic approach to making sure everyone is running BTB OK can you please follow the guidelines below when reporting a problem.

All support is to be performed via these forums. Any emails directly to me will be redirected here unless I have requested more information from you.

Eliminating External Problems

If posting a problem that is to do with BTB crashing or not working properly, please try the following first.
  • Search this forum.
  • Report if BTB ever worked on your system and if so, what version.
  • Make sure your are running the latest version. The version number is shown in the title bar when BTB first starts; compare that against the one available for download ( ).
  • List any special hardware or software you are running that you would consider out of the normal.
  • Update Windows XP and get all latest Microsoft patches.
  • Get the very latest DirectX drivers, don't assume you already have them.
  • Run dxdiag.exe, click "Save All Information" and post the resulting file here so we can see what hardware/software is running.
  • Look in the Event Viewer (Control Panel ... Administrative Tools) to see if there is a better description of the component that is failing. check the Application, Security and System.
  • Confirm that you are running Windows with Administrator rights.
  • Try running Windows under English if not already. This should not be a requirement of BTB, but I may have missed something so try it to see if it fixes the problem.
Reporting a Problem

1. Make sure you are using the latest version.

2. Create a New Thread of your own with as much information about how the problem occurs. Do not tack your problem in with someone else's thread in the belief it is the same problem; this usually complicates things and makes it harder to know when your particular problem is resolved. Once your problem is resolved, the thread will be closed.

3. Specify what PC specs you have. Operating System, Ram, graphics card. If running Vista, please read this thread ...

4. If the problem is relating to a track, attach the Venue.bin file along with any XPacks that you have made or altered. Without it we will have little hope of solving the problem.

5. Try and narrow down the problem. For example, if it is an export-to-game error, trying saving your project as another copy, then removing sections (objects/sobjects/walls/terrain) until the project does begin to work. If it's a bug/crash, try to replicate it on a new venue in the smallest number of steps.

6. If the problem is regarding licensing, please use the License Discussion thread -
Not open for further replies.