Reminder Before Starting a Thread

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May 2, 2010
We have had problems with games appearing before enough thought has gone through them, or it has been unnecessary.

Before you start a thread
Please put at least 1 post in the HoF and Discussion thread out lining the game. This way, people can discuss whether the game is needed, help to improve it or champion it to start.

Starting the thread
After proposing, wait for people to discuss it a bit. Start the thread after it has been given green light in the HoF and Discussion thread unless a mod says you can start it earlier. Only if a mod or a group of people say no to the game must it not be posted. Starting the thread can be postponed if people feel that gameplay and rules need to be modified. This means that the first few pages of a thread are for people signing-up, or the game going ahead, rather than pages of confusion and arguments as to how the game should go ahead.

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