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  1. mertbabaakar


    Hey Guys How can i save my tyres in the race?i going slower than normal but tires dont have any difference tyres still going fastly i dont know what is it ? how are you saving tyres at the race ? and how can i improve my traction after slow corners (using keyboard) Thx..
  2. trextone34


    I have the same issue but on PC and using a racing wheel ? I have tried everything and my tyres go off a lot faster than the AI's and they don't wear gradually they go off within 1 lap and I end up spinning off or wheel spinning every corner. At a loss to be honest :(
  3. Gavin Hendley

    Gavin Hendley

    You need to lightly press the throttle in low gears up shift early without putting your foot to the floor after exiting a corner, only putting your foot fully down on the higher gears. Takes a little practice.

    Also a link here for tyre & fuel scaling
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  4. Bill Devery

    Bill Devery

    I'm at Monaco in Career and like most others, I have been suffering higher tyre deg than AI. Several little things help such as setup, easy on the throttle et cetera BUT the 4 things I have noticed very recently that helps me the most is R&D upgrades to my Sauber, start the race with lighter fuel load, use 'Rich' fuel mix sparingly (less stress on the car/tyres) and possibly most important smooth driving. TBH, spinning the rears doesn't help but it's not my rears that degrade the quickest anyway.

    Most peeps are driving to hard to stay with or beat the AI. In RL F1, rarely is any driver driving at 100% lap after lap after lap. Stop sliding around. pushing so hard and you will get those extra 2 laps. You might think you're driving smooth but you're probably not :p

    The link Gavin has given you above has important info worth reading.

    I reserve the right to change my opinion after any new patches...;)
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  5. Steven Lynch

    Steven Lynch

    after a few races it should getr a bit better it did on mine
  6. Audren Lavenerable

    Audren Lavenerable


    I agree.

    For those who still didn't understand here's a video of Alonso shifting early at turn 1 of Bahrain.