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  1. John-Eric Saxén

    John-Eric Saxén

    Following the nominations of Broadcast and Press Directors, we are still one man (or woman) short of running a successful 2013 season: the World Trophy Director

    As per the ISR Club Job Descriptions, the World Trophy (WT) Race Director shall be responsible for the following specific roles:
    • Ensure at all times that the rules and supplements are adhered to by all WT participants (drivers and teams)
    • Oversee the efficient and accurate verification of WT results
    • Ensure the accuracy and validity of published WT results on the FSR website
    • Clarify rules if asked by teams/drivers
    • Be the marshall in World Trophy Online Race Sessions, or if unavailable, be responsible for finding a credible substitution
    • Investigate and judge on Race Incidents.
    • Set and finalise rules that best facilitate the ideology of the league with an interest to provide active and enjoyable participation in the WT
    Any assistance necessary and/or preparation for the role will be provided by the signed. All you need to do to push FSR forwards is to send a message to the address below, or simply PM me directly:

    All FSR Admins will be receiving a small reward for their troubles in form of a free season license or other small bonuses as specified later
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.