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Recommended Direct Drive Rim & Button Box?


I recently purchased a VRS Direct Force Pro direct drive and I'm looking for a rim/button box to go with it. Does anyone have any recommendations?

I also have a OMP Tracento 300 mm sitting around that I would like to use if there's a button box that works well with it. I originally had other plans for the Tracento with an Accuforce v2 wheel base but changed my mind.

Thank you!
I am not very familiar with VRS but you may want to check out Derek Speare Designs. They provide panel and button box solutions that may fit your need.

The electronics are quite simple to DIY if your into that sort of thing. Personally that is the route I have gone.
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I also have VRS, but at the moment I have converted Formula V2 from Fantec, maybe I will buy a BB in the future, or an additional steering wheel. Maybe these two links will be helpful: