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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Mike Dartnall, Jun 11, 2011.

  1. Mike Dartnall

    Mike Dartnall

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place, I couldn't find a general forum so I've posted here. :)

    I've recent acquired the kit to use my xbox wheel on the PC, so I'm looking to pick up a PC racing sim. But I really do not know the market so I was hoping you could recommend me one.

    The features I require are:

    • Decent sized, friendly, clean racing online community that has a range of abilities so I'm not "that useless newbie guy".
    • Telemetry features (either part of the game or moddable) that are at least equal to those found in Forza 3. So I need to be able to see tyre temps and pressures, suspension movement so I can see if I'm bottoming out etc, grip levels so I can see if I am spinning wheels etc, engine power and torque. Preferably viewable via replays (I can barely drive as it is, let alone drive and watch telemetry at the same time! :facepalm:)
    • Preferably a racing line feature to make it easier to learn the tracks and get up to speed! (And to make it easier to race cleanly)
    I've tried LFS in the past (a long time ago!), but I seem to remember it doesn't have the telemetry features I speak about above. I've also tried the demo of RACE 07, but that doesn't have a racing line or telemetry feature (that I could find anyway!).

    Any recommendations guys? :D
  2. Adam Jonas

    Adam Jonas

    You can use telemtry in the RACE 07, the only thing you have to do (beside installing the MoTeC software) is modifying your PLR file a little bit. :)
  3. Predrag Drobac

    Predrag Drobac

    If you are willing to pay for a proper sim, go for iRacing. I'm enjoying it a lot, physics and driving feel are top notch, best on sim market. Recently they added full support for maybe the best telemetry software, no less that McLaren is using! All tracks are laser scanned, and you can see few real life drivers in iRacing. You start as Rookie and as you progress you'll earn the licences.
  4. April Dillon

    April Dillon

    Telemetry recording is available in Race 07 + it's expansions, although not officially supported and documented. It's nothing like what you'll be used to from Forza, but it logs the information all the way through each lap. I personally prefer it, even though it's more work to use.

    The same goes for rFactor. With the Data Acquisition plugin, you get the exact same functionality.

    Racing lines are available in Race 07 aswell, although only in time attack mode. You don't get them in the race mode though. However the implementation in Race 07 is excellent for learning to drive better.

    The line isn't drawn in by the developers, or generated by some routine. Instead it's the line from your own laps. So when you find better lines and braking points, they're reflected in the racing line. It helps prepare you for times when you don't have access to the racing line, as it makes you come up with a plan for each corner, and helps you learn about finding better lines.

    Yeah, Race 07 + any expansions that take your fancy. That's what I'd suggest.
  5. Senad Subasic

    Senad Subasic

  6. Yann Laprevotte

    Yann Laprevotte

    LFS has several telemetry softwares, an official one(which requires you to make your lap in hotlap mode and upload your replay on LFS World), plus some third party ones.

    Overall, condiering your needs, I belive LFS could be a good compromise for you.
  7. Dave Flower

    Dave Flower

    Mike - All of the above is good advice - I'd recommend getting more than one - a good start for minimal outlay and with great support, events and mods would be rFactor and Race On.

    Race On £6.17 on amazon delivered (note this is DVD version so includes all Race07, the Extra Race On cars/tracks and STCC (note STCC is only included on the DVD get it on Digital download (more expensive) and you don't get STCC.

    rFactor on Amazon between £9.53 and £18.99.

    NOTE - your ok with used rFactor but steer well clear of used Race On as if they have been activated to a Steam Account your not going to be able to play online.

    Have a look round the site you'll see a massive forum and Racing Club Events for both as well as hundreds of mods.
  8. April Dillon

    April Dillon

    Quick correction there Dave, when I bought Race On, I bought it through Steam, and it included STCC. It could be that digital downloads from on the other hand don't include it, but I can't confirm that.
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