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Recently problems with creating cars

Hello together ,
Since recently it does not work in rF2 to use the self-created cars in the game. And when I start from scratch and create new cars, the result is just crap. If I remove a file in the folder (for example the alt.mas file) the game crashes when loading exactly this car.
Does anyone have a good solution? Is it again due to a new S397 update ?


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Ole Marius Myrvold

JWB 96-13
What kind of crash? Do you get any error message? Do you have the correct files loaded in the mas? Have you tried re-naming it "alt_1" or something like that, as "alt" is the car that the game makes when you create a new dir. This shouldn't be a problem, but as it is rF2, avoiding all kinds of possible things that can screw things up is smart.

Also, not sure what "result is just crap". Need more info :)

Or just put the files you have for you car in a zip/rar/7zip and upload it, and I'll take a look in my game to see if I can figure it out :)
Hi ,
first of all thank you for helping me.
What kind of crash? Do you get any error message? The game crashes by jumping back to the main game menu while trying to load the car. And then I can't do anything, not even ALT/STRNG/ENTF to get to the TaskManager. I have no choice but to switch off the computer completely and restart it. I don't even get an error message from rF2.
Do you have the correct files loaded in the mas? Yes, I did everything the same as in the last few years, but now all of a sudden it doesn't work anymore. The paintwork on the vehicles is completely shifted and some of the colour patterns are no longer correct at all. (see screenshot above).
Of course I did not rename any files (see screenshot 2).

I can't manage to upload a rar file here :(
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