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    Okay so I purchased F1 2012 for the PS3 finally and I'm glad I did. This years game has some real positive points about it.
    After being so disappointed with 2011's visuals I'm not at all with 2012's graphics, agreed the XBOX version does look better however the difference is not as pronounced as last year.

    I actually think the final game looks better than the demo, but this could be my mind playing tricks on me. I played Monaco and Singapore (quick race) and didn't have any issues with them.
    I'm not sure if it's just me but the handling feels slightly different from the demo, however I've only played Champions mode and quick race so far, the understeer/offline grip doesn't seem as bad. It's still there though but I'm okay with that at the moment.
    I prefer the handling/grip levels to 2011 and 2010 for that matter, it's feels less arcade than last year and is much less forgiving.
    I'm hoping after the console patch it will improve the offline grip slightly and should make the game more enjoyable.

    The feeling and high speed grip and direction change is much better than 2011, the weather and wet track looks pretty good. I like the manual over-ride when using auto gears it's something I wanted before and is useful especially in the wet. The AI are faster this year so it's more challenging, the engine sounds have improved also. It is possible to catch/correct a slide using brake/throttle/steering rather than just the brake dab from 2010.

    The main thing to me is that I'm getting a buzz and immersive experience from the game so far, like I did from 2010 and PS3 owners haven't been short changed this year, it feels and looks like a proper title this year not a rush job like 2011.

    So in conclusion Codemasters have redeemed themselves somewhat this year for us PS3 owners, I was determined not to pre-order 2012 but after playing the demo I'm happy with my purchase.

    Can't wait to start my career once my replacement wheel arrives.

    Good Hunting..
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